Life of an urban writer – Part 1

Writing is the most difficult thing for a writer because he or she becomes so conscious while scribbling things of their hearts. A writer is someone who looks different, who acts in a very different way, who keep repeating mistakes, who forgets hell lot of things. A writer has a completely different lifestyle, he/she is misunderstood, who keep less friends, who dreams of living in an island to complete his/her last masterpiece, who criticises, who appreciates, who belongs to a absolute different world.

Everyone wants to be powerful in life, some people joins army, some take up medical sciences, some end up becoming engineers, some become business tycoons, some become actors, some end up doing nothing. Writers want to become everything, they dream big, they try to change things around, they have a great taste for music and sometimes their taste becomes extremely obnoxious. Writers are mad people, loners, haters and sometimes great perverts. They may look very ordinary but you can’t escape their charm, they have something inherent. Their genes echo words of future, they are so full aesthetics. Style is the second name of an urban writer. They all have a signature design of work. Some keep it subtle while some write things, which are so very impractical and absurd. Some writer write things to confuse, while some write for satiating their hungry souls, some write for money, some write to change the world.

Writers are crazy bunch of people, they are so mad about things they love. They are romantic villains, they are Casanovas, they love womanising when they don’t work, they are loyal lovers, they are betrayed souls. Nothing is so constant expect one thing – their knack for chronicling their own lives. They are so open hearted that they could give everything to person they love. They get addicted to things quickly. Almost all successful people on earth are writers. They become writers after becoming successful or they become successful after writing successfully. Everyone at the top of the mountain are great scribblers.

Inspiration plays a great deal in a writer’s life. It can come from a woman, it can come from someone whom the writer admires, it can come from scenic locations, it can come from hell lot of money. When inspiration blends with imagination, great things are created from the hands of a writer. Music is the oxygen of a writer. If you hate music, you are no writer and if you don’t observe, you are just pretending to be a writer. A writer is a sensitive person but they gradually learn try to take things as they come their way. Nobody is a perfect writer, even Shakespeare made grammatical errors, even Oscar made typos, writers can be imperfect but the great thing about them is they try to make everything perfect at the end of the day.

To be continued…

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  1. Nicely written. Writers have to also experience life or atleast the facet of life they want to write about. That is the reason why many writers travel, inconspicous in often second class train ticket if they want to mingle with people to observe them etc..

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and had a dejavu of reading your posts before. :)

    Great going.. keep writing more.. (y)

    Have been following since 3 years.. I almost forgot how awesome blogging was. :)