Why Bloggers Are Considered Insanely Attractive?

Blogging is one of the trendiest things to do in the era of digital revolution. Bloggers are mad people, insane bunch of geeks, suave and extremely gorgeous people around. Earlier blogging was just a hobby for many however times changed and the people who wrote clich├ęs became millionaires. Some blogs died in oblivion while others succeeded. People started liking their blogs, people started talking about the things the blogger wrote. They became experts and they got perks they never expected.

In America, almost everyone stays online 24*7 while Indians are slowly catching up. I could see people carrying smart phones all around me. What they mostly do? They play games, listen to music and reads digital content. The future is here and we can’t deny the existence of bloggers. They are ones who write things from their hearts. If they go through a bad experience, they write. If they see a beautiful girl while travelling, they write. When they feel bored, they write. When they feel pain, they write.

They have an audience, friends to support and acknowledge them and suddenly their blogs get so popular that they are just acquired by the mainstream media. There’s hell lot of money hidden inside your words. You just have to write genuine things instead of following the trend. There are no golden rules to success.

You can’t make money overnight. If you blog to earn money, you are most probably at the wrong place. Blogging gives you freedom to flaunt your experiences with the world. It gives you power to declare your feelings after watching a movie and if your words are real, you become a Maven, an extremely attractive person. People will follow your hairstyle, people will wear what you wear, people will slowly talk about you. You will make enemies; you will make friends for life. Blogging can be an addiction too.

Now the question is – Why bloggers are considered insanely attractive in the digital age? Well, you simply can’t live without Internet. You need information, you need poetry, you need fiction, you need motivating people around, you need things that can change your life. You can’t survive without the written words.

If you are thinking about something very beautiful to happen in your life, just blog about it, if you need your poetry to be read by the most intelligent crowd around, just put it in your blog, if you are a Tarrot card reader, just help people online. Blogging is everything, if you are a blogger, you somehow acquire all the capabilities of an online marketer. You learn so many things during the process. You actually become invincible.

Blogging is freedom, blogging is the best outlet to vent out your pent up emotions, it’s one of the best thing to do if you have very little or too much happening in your life. Just don’t let those important moments in your life go away. Capture them in the form of words  and read them after 10 years. I bet you can’t stop smiling at those kiddish stuffs.

Bloggers are insanely attractive because they actually feel things, they live a perfect life, they are mad, they crib, they cry still they survive no matter how life treats them. They are the children of Darwin, they are the future of our generation.  

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  1. u made me feel nice about myself...thanks...that gives me another reason to keep blogging...a very refreshing post ...carry on