Premarital Sex Is Marriage - Is India Finally Evolving?

Well, The Hindu today published a shocking article that changes the whole concept of marriage at large. Now, you don’t have to follow the rituals or go to court for a legal marriage. You just have to have sex with your partner to get married. This sounds extremely absurd but the truth is you are actually married if you have pre-marital sex.

In the dot com age, no one actually wants to go through all those religious ceremonies. It’s actually a great decision taken by Madras High Court.

What are the pros and cons of this declaration?

  • India is a conservative country compared to the West but people here are human beings too. They crave for sex and most of the relationships usually meet this final point. You can’t deny the fact that pre-marital sex exist in India. It’s a very common thing everywhere but people still find it hard to express because they think it’s an evil.
  • Unlike yesteryears, the new age population marry late. They want to first get settled down hence pre-marital sex becomes a reality between couples. Earlier boys and girls used to marry at the age of 18 – 25 but now it’s extended to 30-35. Pre-marital sex is very much there in colleges too but people in India feel shy to embrace this fact.
  • Madras High Court must have felt the need to make this decision at the right hour. If you are enjoying sex with your partner and have a pure intention to marry, why not make it legal. With this decision, there will less case of cheating. Most people don’t want to make their marriage a public affair, for them it’s a blessing in disguise.
  • However there will be people who are involved in more than one relationship for them it will be difficult to handle the compensation. The decision looks more like an idea for future but the fact is it’s a law now. You are married if you had sex with your partner and you can’t leave him or her without the interference of the court. Good news for the lovers, bad news for people having an one sided affair.

So, what’s your take on it? Are you confused or will you take this decision in the right spirit and declare your marriage with your girlfriend/boyfriend right away? Will this decision disturb parents? There are many questions that will arise in future? I think if you are struggling to convince your parents or your lover’s parents, then this might work like a magic wand for your relationship.

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