The Dictionary Of My Pain

I abide
I amalgamate
Beyond the ambiguity and hyperbole
There’s that aplomb
The anachronism triumphs
The incongruous things attracts me
Is there an acronym for hate?
Is love for you is inconvertible?
Can I inculcate more discipline in my life?
Will those insipid moments fade away?
What’s the analogy between love and lust?
Are we antithesis?
I am an antonym of silence
Is this an irony?
I am no loquacious
I am just ludicrous
Waiting for a metamorphosis
Want to be more lucid
I am asinine
I am in love with assonance
I want to run away from the ballyhoo
The motif of my life is chaotic
I am a nominal rat.
I contradict
I circumnavigate
I love obsequious comments
I want to be omnipotent
I hate ostentatious people
Looks like an oxymoron
Life is a paradigm
Of colloquial ethics
The small connotation
Looks contrived
That’s the paradox
Pedantic journey through the cacophony
Swimming through the conundrum called wait.
Waiting for that phenomenal verse
The only criterion to survive
Cumulative violence inside my soul
Your pretentious smile
Often create rancour
My diction is limited
I have didactic words
I am utterly diffident
I can’t recapitulate
The reparation done
I was sanguine
Now I became sardonic.
I am the part of the entire satire
The divergent culture
The missing empathy
Is creating squalor in my existence.
I need no enlightenment
from a supercilious person
Everything is superfluous except love
There’s no syntax, no synchronicity.
Only tempestuous memories
Pain is ubiquitous
Loneliness is the newest luxury.
Fighting that existential crisis
Life seems to vacuous
There’s no validity
Of a vehement time
There’s no solidarity
nothing except that everlasting monotony.

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