The dark shadow from my dream

My dreams are often dark, noisy and sometimes silent like the clam sea. I see dry oasis, I see unknown alleys, I see strange faces staring and scoffing at me. My dreams are like unending movies full of whining and torture. I see half moonlit roads without people, I see music, I could smell perfumes, I generally fly in my sleep. There are talking trees, there is warmness, there’s a beautiful world in my dreams. 

People criticising my thoughts, taking my silence for granted, I see words floating everywhere in my living room, I struggle to combine them, I keep running, I keep falling, my dreams are weird, I remember them all. 

The dark shadow from my dreams often visits my second kingdom, beyond the awaken world, the dark shadow keeps me busy with all the rubbish excuses. I am in love with that shadow as I see some truth in its invisibility. 

When you talk about your dreams, you are generally regarded as a mental health patient, for me dreams are your suppressed imaginations and aspirations, which you want to complete in your real life someday. Dreams are prophecies that make you aware of the forthcoming future, happiness and surprises. 

The dark shadow from my dream is my guiding light. I never see its face; I only see an image of someone like me walking slowing, stopping and flying along with me. 

Can you hear the weird noises in your dreams, do you see yourself struggling to finish something, do you cry in your dreams? Dream is your alternative reality. The dark shadow isn’t your enemy; it’s someone who protects you from every forthcoming adversary. 


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I don't know you, but from your dreams I feel that you're running away from something- either consciously or unconsciously, like a denial. The weird noises and faces could be the face and voice of your guilt, and the dark shadow your consciousness, bringing forth the stuff you've put into shadow.
    I might be wrong about everything, but I'm a dreamer too, and this is what I understood from your dream.

  2. Why is dream a torture for you? Dreams are beautiful. They also can indicate a lot provided you can recollect your dream properly. The reason for saying this is that people often try to think what they had dreamt in the night and in that process the dream gets coloured.