Johnny Depp's Messy Hair – The Perfect Hair Fashion For The Stylish And The Restless Generation

Johnny Depp's Hair Fashion
Johnny Depp's Messy Hair Look

I stay in a place where all the good-looking people hang out. All artsy types from NIFT, the professional girls and guys from various corporate offices, the vagabond types from ad agencies, struggling movie makers and models are my neighbors. I stay in the same place where Shahrukh Khan stayed when he was in Delhi; I stay in the same place where the Big B of Bollywood has his residence. Yes! You are right I stay near Green Park and Gulmohar Park. I stay in a place called Gautam Nagar, where most of the people are either students or professionals. This place is affordable and quite happening.

The fashion here is purely urban. If you want to spot the latest trends, you have to hang around two places in Delhi. The first one is obviously the famous Hauz Khas Village and the second one is Gulmohar Park. I often stumble upon girls studying in fashion institutes and working in fashion houses or advertising agencies. They are independent women and have a great fashion sense especially an astounding hairstyle sense.

I think our generation is restless, fast and absurd. People born between 80’s and 90’s are the people whom I targeting in this post. If you go to pubs or discotheques you will see boys with messy long and short hair. You will find wacky slogans everywhere. Our generation follows Jim Morisson and Che Guevara. Messy long hair is the kind of hairdo every guy wants to flaunt but due to the societal pressure, they have to keep their tresses short and fine. Gone are the days of well-trimmed hairstyles. It’s the new era where you are something if your hair is messy and you wear dirty shoes. We believe in flaunting our just out-of-sleep look with flamboyance, we wear track pants with boots. The perfect bohemian look which is something, which is THE trend, we are proud to be ineligible bachelors.

John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Jim Morrison are our gods hence our hairstyles resembles our gods. Wearing a long messy hair gives us too much strength and adds great attitude to our personality. We are loners, we are thinkers, we are music lovers, we are the future movie makers, we are the intellectual property of our country hence the current generation has no time to brush their hair. They are just so unthinkably pre-occupied with things they care about like blogging, riding, photography, social activities, partying etc. Our soul knows no boundaries, our imagination runs wild hence we keep unconventional tresses. 

We are imperfectly perfect, we are spiritually numb, we are astonishingly fast. We love strumming the guitar, we love to share things we care about, we like to stay online, we like to mingle offline, we like jazz, we like metal, we like symphonies that touches our soul. We are the thinking generation with extremely high fashion sense. You don’t have to visit the streets of Milan or Paris to spot latest hairstyles, you don’t have to wear Karl Garfield for accentuating your look, you just have to keep your hair little messy and wear that old boots and walk with style. You suddenly become the next fashion God in your city.

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