Are Working Women Good In Bed?

Indian Women in Bed

There’s a difference between girls in metro and girls in small towns and villages. Life in a metro is tough, full of running around things, chasing dreams and aspirations. Women in big cities want to do something, they want a name, they want recognition and most importantly they need love. Love is something very rare to find amid the busy schedule. Love takes a back seat because of the chaos around. The practicality around kills the fiction, you slowly forget the meaning of love. Women in big cities want a male companion, who can stand by her. The fact is they have so much to do in so little time. They can easily get irritated. They have to make presentations, take care of expenses, satisfy partner and get screwed in the traffic.

Everything looks vague and meaningless for them. They have money, independence but they are devoid of love. Working women are better than girls staying inside the house and gossiping around. Girls who work may flirt but that doesn’t mean they are bad, they have to talk with their colleagues in order to work.

Now, if you ask me – Are Working Women Good in Bed? I would say, they can be extremely wild in Bed. After working hard with brains, they actually need an outlet to vent out the pent up emotions in a beautiful way. They will make any men crazy because most of the working women read a lot. They constantly browse Internet; they know the tips and tricks to satisfy her partner, which a girl sitting at house may not know. Working women wants perfection hence they do every thing perfectly including making love.

India is a partially conservative country. Here boys can do anything but if a girl does something, they are tortured. Here freedom for girls is very limited. Women in India can’t flaunt their beauty with ease because of the people around. Working women knows the value of a relationship; they constantly talk with their partners because conversation is the key to a good relationship. They read books, watch movies and shop a lot. Girls in small towns may get enough love but the things working women are doing can’t be done by someone who is completely dependent in their family. But people hardly understand a woman in India. They want them to act like a perfect wife, perfect mother and perfect partner. Men should ask the women before take them for granted. Working women are good wives, good mothers and excellent girlfriends. They know the meaning of love because they so rarely experience that feeling amid the everyday life.

Working women are reliable partners because they know the value of every move. They understand, they care and they make you crazy with their unpredictable moves. Working women are lonely still they stay happy with the things they have around. They are the actually the women of substance. So, if you are looking for the perfect girl, you should always choose a girl who works.

These are only my opinion.

P.S: An idle mind is a devil’s garage. It’s always better to keep your mind and body busy. 


  1. Very good article.... I agree with you Pallav. Here, I found the article of the very typical nature as even I write in the same way. If you have read me before, u can understand the similarities Im talknig about.. the way the whole blog post is aimed and then concluded.. it seems as if I have myself written it :-)

  2. Good one. Somewhere i can relate myself with the excellent visuals you have provided of the life of a working woman. Love loses its bookish and legendary aura and takes shape of a more practical form of creating a convenient life with your loved ones. As a working woman i know the things that will give me pleasure, like reading this article, and thinking about a heart that do feel for woman in this wretched country. looking forward to another one.