Those Poisonous Days…

Poem about love, fantasy and heartbreak

The knife in my hand is sharp
It wants to get inside my veins
The veins want your poison
The poison exudes that feeling of ecstasy.

The barren galaxy of my heart
Needs that long lost renewal
The mayhem inside 
Wants to break out…

The days of sunshine is back
But the warmth is missing
The dry air hits my cheeks
It destroys everything.

Sometimes there’s little pain
Sometimes the pain is overwhelming
I get inside the cocoon
Just to feel the hollowness.

Nothing seems fine
Except the eternal thoughts
Of storm and unwantedness
My face looks ugly
I feel the ugliness…

Out of everything
Good, bad and nothingness
There’s that meaninglessness
That makes me whine.

The sunshine looks fine
If only there’s something 
I could say -
That’s mine…

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