Stand up for your pain, it’s whimsical…

Poem About Pain

Your pain defines your strength. There’s beauty in everyday ugliness, there’s some kind of passionate air in the entire struggle. World is a basket of emotions, dilemma and cacophony. From morning to night, flashes of light hits your retina, you see moving people, you see happy faces, you see cosy couples, you see busy people, you see yourself standing alone in some corner of the road, you see the beautiful world. 

There’s nothing like walking alone in busy city roads, there’s nothing like getting lost in every moment you interact with people. You constantly forget things, you act immature, you feel ugly, you feel dumped still you move on with a hope. 

You see people studying in a metro, you see people walking with pride, you see girls flaunting their newly shaped hair, you feel the entire humanity, you squeeze into oblivion, and you just get inside a fictional light surrounding your existence. The constant pain pushes you, it gives you a reason to survive. You turn your head, you see a beautiful girl who isn’t staring at you. You keep gazing at people till they feel uncomfortable. You become a moron without a soul. 

Every day your immaturity grows, you act kiddish, you talk blunt, you have no sense of dressing, you keep breaking people’s heart. Your sensitiveness becomes your weakness. You try to break every man made notion. You sit alone, you have nothing to do after a busy day, you write things, you sip bottles of wine, you switch off your cell and feel the pain to survive. Your pain becomes your pleasure, your ruthlessness becomes your lifestyle, slowly people leave you, slowly you become lonely again. Your selfishness and your inability to face reality becomes your enemy. Your running away from everything, makes you unpredictable. Let the pain flow, let it grow, let it inspire you, let it get inside you. Stand up for the pain, stand up for the hallucinations you get in a bright sunny day, stand up for the freedom you have, stand up and embrace every bad thing that happens to your life…

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