I am no magician...

Magical Words

I am no magician
But I can turn you on
I am no magician
But I can make you fly
I am the everlasting dream
I am toxic, I am a secret
I am a mystery
You entered, you disappeared
You came in,
I am no magician
But I can give you fairytale
I can give you nightmare
I will get inside your veins
I will stay silent
I will create that long lost mayhem.
I love chaos, I love agony
I love pain, I want more of them
I grow bigger with each ache
I am the master of the world
I am your last wish
I epitomise narcissism
I am not scared of death
I am no magician
I am your dream,
I am the reincarnation
of the Pied piper of Hamelin.