I am clueless, confused, lost
I wander, I exchange smiles with strangers
I give away money to the beggars
I am an ambivert soul.

I want to do a tattoo
I want to travel miles with you
I want to sit near the beach 
And stare at the full moon sky.

I want to write poems
I want to drive fast cars
I want to settle down in a lonely island.

I am imperfect, I am perfect 
I am everything still nothing
I am the box of sweet poison
I contradict
I acknowledge
My life is a mixed bag of hitch
I have everything, still I have nothing.

I stare at girls, girls stare me back
My brain is always restless
I am always freaked out.
I don’t know where I am going
I don’t know, where life taking me
I have no agenda, I have no restrictions
I am Free! I am just FREE
Like that bird in the balcony...

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