From Rock Music to Meditation – How My Life Changed?

Break free songs, headbanging, mosh pit, crowd surfing, yelling, jumping and now it’s just the silence of some sound healing sounds. My playlist suddenly changes, I hope I am not getting old but somehow lately I have developed a great fascination for sound healing music. From last summer I am trying to meditate daily. I am listening to various sound types ranging from raindrops to slow music of the violin. 

The chaos of everyday life, the stress of urban existence, the relationship pressures and expectations were killing me from inside. I was extremely frustrated, totally broken, last year I was in the deepest depression phase. I forgot to write, totally lost focus, and was wandering in search of happiness. I was stumbling against odd people. I needed a break from the monotony; I was living in constant pain. My head was literally filled with all kinds of rubbish. I was losing the game. A thousand questions were pestering me. I was clueless and wasn’t willing to give up. I tried to run just to feel good but that didn’t help. I tried to forget everything but I couldn’t. I hardly slept; I just became a lifeless soul. I lost weight due to enormous anxiety. I tried to see videos to get inspiration but nothing really helped. I was completely losing it. 

Unlike yesteryears, I hardly smiled last year but slowly and steadily I tried to reform my life. I slept early just to feel good next day. I was just following a routine life. In between the monotony, I was constantly living in pain. I was facing uninterrupted failures. I wanted to visit a rehabilitation center just to feel good. I wanted to counsel but I wasn’t able to get any of them. Procrastination, the feeling of guilt, failures, and nightmares were making my life a total mess. I couldn’t see any inspiration in and around me. 

Meditation was the last refuge for me. One fine day, I decided to close my eyes and listen to one of the sound healing sounds for getting the peace of mind. It was relaxing still getting out of depression needs time. Those sound healing music became a part of my existence and slowly I recovered from that feeling of hopelessness. I somehow managed to come out of the third level of depression and anxiety. I am still recovering and I know it will take some more time. I have a strong intuition that music will heal the scar left in my heart. I wake up early, I started eating breakfast and I meditate daily for self-rejuvenation. I avoid negative thoughts and concentrate more on the things that are beautifully fictional. 

Right now, calmness of soul is what I want to attain in a busy city like Delhi. All the while, I became so sensitive that I stopped interacting with people. I was afraid of getting hurt but after mediation I really feel energetic and I have seen a change in my life. I am attracting positive energy. 

In order to attain a life of happiness, I am trying to conquer the fears and I am using meditation as a weapon to shed all the uncertainties loitering in my horizon. I am trying to heal myself and I want you to heal yourself through this technique if you are going through an unbearable painful life. Music and meditation can cure every disease at any given time. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to the sound of rain. I bet you will be transported to a different world and all your worries will disappear…


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