Thank You for the Poison - My Entry for the Get Published Contest

After fighting a lot with my brain and heart, I am writing this piece on my 29th birthday. It’s 8 December, 2012. The music of Jim Morrison is playing in the background and I am alone in my room. It’s cold outside and equally numb inside. The world seems to be strange place where relationships just fade away, where feelings just don’t matter, when things just fall apart one by one. The only thing constant is the silence. Tonight I am feeling too ugly, too strange, too desperate to control my emotions. I am trying to forget everything that was between us. Sometimes it feels extremely sad to be lonely. The streets look dry, everything sounds meaningless. The everyday promises, those sweet talks, those hopes, everything just look temporary, out of the world, just thoroughly disgusting. 

I have decided to tell you my tale which is neither a candyfloss romance nor it’s a great love story. It’s all about fooling around for seven long years. It’s like wasting half of your life with someone who was never supposed to be yours, who was no more than a fading shadow still I feel difficult to forget that shadow. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it keeps spreading the venom.  I never understood love may be I was way too sensitive, may be I wasn't that kind of person who took anything seriously but these were only my assumptions about myself till last year. I took life for granted, I took everyone for granted. Things turned ugly. I knew it’s coming but never knew it will come with such vengeance. 

It’s an unfinished love affair. It’s about dying every night and rising again every morning with a ray of hope. It’s hard to console yourself; it’s even difficult to move on. Love isn't a business, it’s a bonding between two people and it becomes too difficult to decipher, when both the person are unpredictable. Live, Die, Reinarcanate! These were my feelings every night. I wasn't able to recall anything, I lost her memories, but that was only till the morn. I walked with a heavy heart, felt like an anonymous creature while crossing those urban subways. I wore a fake smile, which lasted not more than few seconds. Everyday I tried to do something that I thought will probably make me awesome but all my tries miserably failed. I took help of music, I took help of meditation, I tried almost tried everything to make myself happy but I couldn't.  I lost all my confidence; I kept strolling in the neighborhood parks like a lost traveler  I stumbled against stones and fell while climbing the stairs. I hardly interacted with anyone, I became invisible and my invisibility was never missed. My story may not be a romantic tale but there’s surely a hint of love somewhere. 


Thank You For The Poison - is a real love story about an unfinished love affair. It’s about promises that looked real; it’s about a life changing experience of two people. The story revolves around love, lust, insecurity and obsession. It tries to decipher the elements of unpredictability associated with urban love. 

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published Contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. It was nice read and a common tale for those who have been trying to come over from their lived lovable moments....Its been long while i am thinking to share some stuff and procrastinating every time i think of ..But i have come up with few very touching and interesting m all way motivated :)
    Thanks sharing Pallav
    All the best!
    Keep writing :)


  2. Hi Jasmeet

    Thanks for reading my idea, just wrote everything from heart. Life's full of unpredictability and that's what I am trying to reflect through my story. :)

  3. great read. but to writers, even if they write and put their heart into it, there are still some people who'll never appreciate what you write. nevertheless, keep on writing

  4. Thanks Louise for reading and appreciating my work. For me, only true appreciation matters. :)

  5. Its a very powerful plot. Well presented.