How to Recover From a Break Up?

Some relationships aren't lucky enough. Some fail to reach the destination. Some fades away into oblivion. There’s always unpredictability associated with true love. Love never ends only the people in love separates. Love is no game, it’s something that drives you crazy, keeps you awake at night, gives you pain, gives you happiness. Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world and there’s nothing that can buy this universal feeling. There are cases of cheating, there are cases of parental pressure, and there are cases of a third person attraction. If you are in love, you forget everything but this very emotion can act as a poison if the person you love goes away without a hint or signal. World becomes a ruthless place and you become a lonely soul wandering in the crowded subways. You feel like doing nothing, restlessness, confusions and a whole lot of misguiding thoughts tortures you day and night. Slowly you lose the taste of food, you no more feel like watching a good movie, you no more mingle with friends and family. You stay aloof, you wake up in pain, you sleep in agony, you become sick, your hair loses its lustre, you become charm less. 

A bad break up takes you away from the very life, you start questioning yourself, you accuse your partner, you blame yourself. The faces you see in the streets laughs at you, you no more see the sunshine. The raindrops make you shiver in dilemma. Recovering from a break up becomes extremely tough if you don’t know how to keep yourself busy. Various thoughts pester you; you somehow try to run away, put your phone in silent mode or may be keep it all switched off. You sulk at New Year’s Eve, Christmas Parties and Valentines Day. You become jealous when you see your ex love happily smiling.  Love is all about giving your soul to one person but when things get little bizarre, you think of breaking all the man made norms. You start acting rude with perfect strangers as well as friends. Sometimes you just become silent. Heart breaks causes severe pain in your heart, lungs, stomach and head. The constant thought somehow makes you lose weight. The stress of everyday life makes you vulnerable. You whine, you cry, you lock yourself in your room. Nothing can actually heal the pain, no motivation; no inspiration can make you alive. You live in an asylum but everything ends with time. Time is the best healer. You slowly forget everything; you try not talk about your past relationship with anyone. There’s no use of digging the poison embedded in your heart because some relations have no name.
--> There are so many problems that come to your life but still you live each day with a hope of finding a hope. You are destined to feel the pain of separation because human life is never perfect. Everyone moves away from you, everyone becomes invisible, only you stay.

Things that will you help you to recover from a break up:

I know you will sleep early, won’t talk to anyone for few days. You won’t make yourself visible to people you love. You will go in complete trance. Your heartbeats won’t stop beating faster; you won’t be able to see good dreams. Nightmares will haunt you. You just need some time to adjust. I know it’s difficult but you have a life and you just have to move on. Try to wake up in the morning, do listen to meditation music, try to clean your room, keep yourself happy by smiling. Don’t stay sad. Just feel everyday, just think there are millions of others in the universe and you are not the only one. Everyday some relationships end, everyday heart breaks, it’s a human psychology to feel pain but you can’t give pain so much importance. You have to run; you have to run for a better tomorrow. You will make new friends; you will recreate your broken life from scratch. I know you will cry, I know will feel disgusted at times, I know you won’t be able to make a new relationship but things can totally take your side. You may get a better partner. I know you will hate the thought of mingling again but that’s the beauty. You lose some; you find some but never stop dreaming. You are the boss. You have to survive; you have to shine for yourself. You can’t stay sad for long. 

Now that you feel little fine and the hangover is literally gone. You stay silent for a while. You just don’t tell anyone about the recovering phase. Just try to consume the positive energy surrounding you. You will slowly feel the sunshine again because your heart heals eventually. It won’t take much time if you express your sadness to someone who won’t laugh at you and take everything seriously. You will slowly recover. The scars from your past slowly fade. Good things will come your way and the dark phase will just leave you. In the darkest hour, you will only find genuine people; you will know their importance and you won’t forget them. After heartbreaks, most people drink, smoke and indulge themselves in activities that are considered bad but some people just don’t do anything. Do something at least to vent your pent up emotions. Do something that will somehow make you happy, do something that will make others happy. Just don’t sleep and cry. I know its difficult but thinking positive can make you happy.  Consolations will come in abundance, but taking the consolations positively is something that will make all the difference. The trauma of yesteryears won’t be there, you will soon see a better face, a better future waiting for you. Life is full of miracles and you will also witness the magic. Nobody can live in pain for long, there’s always someone who will come as a rescuer in different forms. 

Slowly, you will feel good. You will slowly walk with a smile, you will start interacting with people, you will find childhood friends. People will start coming back to your life. Slowly you will get back your lost charm; slowly you will eat properly, slowly all your problems will fade. Just like yesteryears you will smile again, slowly you will recover from the pain. Every pain has a meaning for sure. So, let’s close our eyes and take deep breath and feel life like yesteryears again. It will make you feel good for sure. ..


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  2. If you are suffering today, you are actually preparing yourself for a better tomorrow. Time is everything. Silence in between is just so amazing. Thanks for reading my post.