Urban Loneliness – It’s No Myth!


There are days of glory, there are days of fun, there are days of silence, there are days of anonymity, there are days that speaks nothing but exude some kind of fire. The fire of loneliness. You get tired of walking alone, seeing the same kind of people while travelling, you get tired of the boredom that unconsciously became a part of your existence. You are growing old, your charm fading into oblivion, you are getting no special attention, you are moving in sheer desperation. There is serious crisis in your life, your life curses your existence, your wings are no more visible to you. You speak things that hurt people, your silence even pesters your loved ones, and you have no idea what you are doing. You are staying in an unknown island surrounded by known people. Your life becomes ridiculous; you scratch your head in search of ideas that no more entertains or motivate you. You lose the excitement that life has to offer. You become insane, you become unattractive, boring and finally you try to sleep to forget everything but nightmares keeps you awake and every morning you walk with a curse of not doing anything worthwhile. You find yourself nowhere; you just feel that pain from inside. You never smile; your smiles are never real. Expectations create burden, you try to close your eyes in peace but the chaos of living never abandons.

You can’t get so bored, why don’t to meet up friends? Why don’t you settle down? These questions make you more frustrated. You see happy faces all around, you feel jealous, you sulk, and you finally lock yourself up in your living room. You talk to no one. You become unpredictable and finally you try to escape. You try to disconnect yourself from your near and dear ones, you torture them, you take pleasure by doing these things. Your loneliness becomes your friend and foe. You become an urban zombie. You wait for things to change inside and around you but nothing really changes. You try to reform yourself but you get carried away by things that you shouldn’t do.

Life’s mess, it’s sinking, it’s taking everything away, it’s becoming ruthless, your dreams are fading away, people despises you for your insanity. Misery becomes a part of your life. You keep whining about your half cooked life at large. There are too many cons of living in a big city. There are lights all around that overshadows the light inside you. You live anonymously in some corner, your curse your mediocrity every time. Life of no pleasure, life of secret adventures, life that tries to pull you down, life where you get things that you don’t want but somewhere there’s a tiny little feeling of hope. It keeps you going, you become strong, you recover, you try to move on…

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