Ugliness Is a Blessing…

 When the world taunts you
When rejection becomes a reality
When curse strikes your soul
When scars become your identity.

You become numb
You learn to live with them
You experience pain
Your pain becomes your love
You start loving your blemishes.

Your imperfections haunt you
You hide, you become invisible
Your invisibility taunts you again
You shiver in a hot summer noon
Amid nightmares, rudeness, dejection
You try to alter your truth.

Your fantasy ends up unknowingly
Your living room stinks
Ugliness becomes your buddy
You see no hope
All your hopes die in oblivion.

One day you look in the mirror
It tells how beautiful you are
You smile; you take a sigh of relief
You become visible  
You successfully break free
From the man-made notion
You discover that misplaced soul
You silently cherish your inner freedom…

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