The Virtual Man

The smoke cleanses his soul
Humidity nurtures his skin
His goodness is ill-treated
He foolishly smiles in his dungeon.

He scribbles about absurdity
He talks about fiction
Words betray him
His heart’s crater
Grow each year in misery.

There’s no window in his galaxy
No raindrops, no beautiful memories
He create images of shadows
There’s no room for illumination.

The virtual man that he is
For people around him
His confusion dilute relationships
He is misunderstood.

The solitary wind in his mind
Keep accentuating his scars
The virtual man lives in reality
But the reality never embraces him.

The sunshine touches his skin
Makes him numb, elevates his soul
The virtual man no more cares
About the world, he becomes cold hearted
He makes his own world,
where he is selflessly pampered.

His illusions grow
He sees magic around
He smiles and walks away
Without remorse, without glee…

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