It’s Always the Silent Ones?

What girls want? That’s actually a vague question. They keep changing like weather and their needs change accordingly. It’s better not to try understanding them because the more you get inside them; the more you get into problem. It’s like playing safe and think less. No girl likes a philosopher who tries to decipher the mysteries hidden inside a girl’s closet. They like to stay mysterious so that they can use their weapons timely. Well, I shouldn't get distracted from the title so here’s my study. 

Some girls usually take time to open up while some girls take no time to open up to a perfect stranger. Some girls are quite while some girls keep talking. There’s an age for everything but for some age is merely a number. Every girl is unique and it’s very difficult to understand them. Some girls like successful man, some run after money, some run after reputation, some girls like tall boys, some like dark boys and some girls like security guards read bodyguards. They dream about a guy who may not be perfect but the guy should at least have something. I often see the jerks getting the best ones because they think less and perform more. Well, that’s about girls so let’s get into the real thing. Which type of girls can be extremely desirable in bed

Most guys often get wrong here. Girls who read books, magazines, write are the ones who rule the entire planet. Yes, the silent ones who talk less and perform more. They have all the energy and know all the techniques for satisfying any man. Quite girls generally don’t talk but they can woo anyone with their body language, eye movements,touch and their knowledge and experience. They are the real ones, only silent girls can give a man the so-called perfect orgasm. Silent girls can also be very dangerous because they know everything. Never try to hurt the silent ones because they may not say you anything but they are very sensitive. Always try to read their mind because they are the ones who will give you everything you want. 

Boys usually look for good looks (hot girls and stuff) but it’s always advisable to date a girl who reads a lot. Knowledge is everything. Silent girls won’t betray you if you love them but if you play with their emotions, she won’t leave you for sure, she will make your life hell and the worst part is you won’t know that she is doing that. It’s not an easy affair to handle the silent types, they need constant pampering, they constantly get mood swings, life may not look that easy. The silent ones are also escapists in nature. They are mysterious types but they are very loyal to their partners. So, don’t dare to do anything that hurts them. Well, I may be wrong but things keep changing, I know girls who like boys without money or looks. Liking someone is completely a different issue. I think girls who are usually silent and read more can be extremely good in bed. Just Remember One Thing - It's always the Silent Ones...What do you think?


  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Nice one, but only the brainy guys will get your point and not the brawny ones.

  2. LOL. Nevertheless, be it the wild ones or the silent types, boys need to respect them. And girls need to respect boys.