You Are No New York Times Bestselling Author Still You Rock!

You have no idea about writing, you have no grammar sense, you have no past experience, you are no writer. You may not know anything about writing still your words can be echoed all around the galaxy, still you will be heard and your stories will be narrated in days to come. You can’t write about fashion, you are no technology geek, you write fluff, you have no logic, you just keep blabbering whatever comes to your mind. Your words don’t have to be too complicated that people should keep a dictionary whenever you write something. You don’t have to be a research scholar for creating an epic. You must have seen Hollywood movies, I know they are great. They do lots of research before making it. They have technology, they have infrastructure, they have everything that we don’t have but the best part is we have experiences to share. We have summers, we have colourful culture, we have diversity, we have festival of lights, festivals of colours, festivals of love, and we have people who understand us. Indians speak good English, they can write even better still we are considered poor and uneducated and that’s the beauty.

If writing is your passion, and writing a book is your soul ambition in life then you should come to India at least you will get lots of “Spice” as we Indians are too hot and saucy, at least we think so. Writers here are considered poor, they usually struggle to make it big, and they literally live like a drifter. That’s an old assumption; I must say you have lots of opportunity here. Things are different now. Writers are no more poor guys, they even drive fast cars and understand pop culture. You don’t have to be a scholar to write a novel, you don’t have to lock yourself up to write about loneliness. It’s your experience that matters. If you have no experience about nightlife in New Delhi, you can’t even write a fiction about it and most bestselling writers usually goes through a moment of crisis and that crisis makes them a great author. There’s nothing called good, bad or ugly writer. A writer is a writer. If your words are real, your feelings are genuine, and your heart throbs when you press those words in the keypad, you become a writer. Writing comes from within. Writing as a career is tough, there’s thorn every where, the only thing that’s constant in a writer’s career is struggle that exudes experience.

I have written all this not prove that a writer’s life is difficult; I wrote this to express my satisfaction to be one. Well! There’s a long way to go, I will stumble upon more people, will learn more everyday, laugh at things that I am writing today. There’s no limit to my thoughts, you never know what’s your future will be like still I think you don’t have to be a Newyork Times Bestselling author to be a real rockstar in the writing game. You just have to be yourself and move on.

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