You Are No Chaser – Tips To Read A Woman's Heart

Well! I am no dating coach or love doc, I am just a curious observer and a slow learner. These days I am getting unique itch to write about love, relationships, dating and things that actually makes me happy. I have no intention to spread love tips still the itch pushing me always to scribble my experiences, knowledge and my introspection with the world. So, let me express my mind through this blog post. I know, there are thousands of articles written on this topic but it would be no harm if I too write about it. 

Usually a guy of my age (28) would never chase a girl if she doesn’t show interest in me. It’s not that I have options but the fact is we are no chasers. I find it hard to persuade someone to love me. Love is a natural process, it’s something which grows from within, something that can be seen, felt and dreamt about. People usually don’t believe in miracles but in my case I am a firm believer of miracles and fairytales yet I am very practical. 

I know it’s difficult to read a woman's heart. The weather is always changing but I think there’s always some golden rules to find out a girl you like, likes you or not. You can actually read a girl’s heart from her gestures towards you. If she never replies to you text messages and hardly cares about calling you back that means she is not interested. Guys usually waste time by assuming things that can’t be true. They see dreams, they actually wait but time flies away very quickly. 

There’s no use of waiting for someone who never reciprocate your love. It’s sheer waste of time and nothing else. Well! My friend John loved a girl, he thought she loves him. He always kept her picture in his mind. He actually couldn’t love anyone else. I know that happens and my friend is no exception. John waited for his love for 6 years. He always expected a call from her but she never replied. John is still single and no one actually tell anything about her to him because he won’t believe anyone. I wrote this blog post for him. I just want to tell him, please don’t waste your time chasing a shadow. She is gone; she won’t look back at you. She is happy and you shouldn't make your life clumsy for her. It’s time to move on. 

I think if a girl is interested in you, she will make every arrangement to track your life. You won’t have to wait. She will be around you before time. A girl’s silence is the sign of her rejection. If she is silent means, she is unhappy. 

If a girl likes a boy, she won’t make him cry in loneliness. She won’t take a salt test. I hope John understands all these and makes his life happier than before. I hope I am 10% percent right because reading a woman's heart is more difficult than writing about them…


  1. Why should girls always make a 1st step to a boy? Why are they so much horrified if a pretty beauty passs them by? I don`t understand(

  2. It's impossible to read a woman's heart, because it's a great secret) But all women want love and attention, and they want men behave like men!!!

  3. Pratik1:29 AM

    The article was bit wayward you started off with sweet serenity of love , relationships and more importantly the things that make you happy but the post ended in loneliness of John .

    I am not criticizing : ) , i am a big fan of ur posts and was expecting more of intrinsic depth of the subject