Why Victoria's Secret Models like Nerds?


I thought of writing this because I am a fervent reader of Askmen, actually I like the way they create a story around everything. I was going through an article on Askmen that says – Dating Tips from Victoria’s Secret Models. Well! Victoria’s Secret Models are supposed to be very picky, classy and of course beautiful but the reality is - they are just another woman. They may be glamorised heavily, accentuated and presented in a unique way. They are secret finds but they are no sham. They are people with regular expectations but their delicateness is often misunderstood.

Dating tips given by Victoria’s angel won’t make you a fool out of yourself. For wooing Victoria’s secret models, you to have a good fashion sense for sure. You have to be well dressed but don’t you think a nerd can do that. Yeah! Of course not but the reality is they actually like guys who talk less about their money and give them more chance to express. Nerds make no great conversions but they are actually passionate about things around them.

You don’t have to be billionaire or world’s greatest hunk to be successful on a date. According to Victoria’s Secret Angels, a normal guy walking in the street of Paris can look attractive. Victoria’s secret angels love chocolates, ice creams, candle light dinners, wine, bike rides and Broadway shows. They usually take the pretext of time when they find things not working for them.

Victoria’s Secret Angels don’t love dating many guys at one time. They believe one at a time. Well! All nerds around must be thinking their chance is almost zero when it comes to Victoria’s secret models, then they are almost making a great slip-up. There’s nothing called perfect date or something in real life and if you’re expecting to perform 100% in your first date, you are actually doing it all wrong.

Victoria’s Secret Angels feel kissing on first date may not be the thing you should expect. Rather you should wait for your third date to make a decent move. This sounds like they are still living in a different era. Some people are faster than them for sure. Well! I wrote this article just to convey their feelings about love, date and choice. I don’t think anybody reading this would find dating a beautiful blonde reasonable option especially in a country like India.

You don’t have to be Victoria’s secret model nor have to date a nerd. All women are unique and everyone is born with special skill sets. It’s just important to be intelligent enough I guess.

Image: Adriana Lima

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