Why Indian Girls Love Geeks?

Finally the world is changing for good; it’s definitely the era of Geeks. Earlier geeks were touted to be perverts, dirty, tacky and what not but slowly the human race is embracing Geek culture. Girls in India no more chase guys with six-packed abs. Studs with no brain are sheer wastage. Geeks are no more seen alone in the pubs, they are surrounded by girls everywhere. If the entire paragraph is sounding like a fiction, then let me prove why Indian girls love geeks.

Geeks are fashionable. They wear big glasses, moccasins, imaginative T-shirts. Geeks understand culture and society. They are intellectual, they are perfect lovers. When they aren’t working, geeks spend their time browsing things. They are mostly found online. They keep sharing awesome things.

Girls in India love geeks because they are ultra-cool. They don’t get involved easily. They give enough space to you. They are possessive but they don’t try to strangle your life by imposing rules unlike normal guys. They may not drive fast cars still girls love to stay with them.

Geeks have emotions; they are actually passionate about everything they do. Geeks won’t dump you, they won’t let you cry, they will try to mould themselves according your life. Geeks are no more misunderstood. They are no more bullied rather they are appreciated everywhere. It’s cool to be a geek now.Indian girls living in the metros need companion but mostly they get the wrong person who dumps her. But if you have a geek companion, you are in safe hands for sure. They will you keep you happy with their geeky things. They will design a collage, make a talking toy or compose a song in their laptop for making you happy.

Geeks are ruling the planet with their awesome ideas and girls in India know that for sure. They are the future CEOs and billionaires. Girls no more look for an offline guy. They love people who constantly keep in touch with them. You are just outmoded if you aren’t hanging out in social networking sites and the fact is geeks are always online. They are the creators of fairytales and science fiction. They are imitated by models and actors. Now filmmakers make movie on geeks and they show them in a better light for sure unlike American Pie movies.If you are a geek and reading this, you should leave a comment and join the community of this new age clan who cares for the society. Geeks are gems and Indian girls have the unique skill to smell the hidden treasure inside every geek.

Image Credit: cocoperez.com

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  1. What kinda Geeks you are talking about? Well, I don't think a very narrow-band (in age) girls would love a geek like you have shown in the pic (That guys seems to be reading a lot). And this narrow band of girls are the college girls who love such guys just for help in study and scoring good marks.

    There are other kinda geeks like Engineering (I mean practical) Geeks, Science geeks, gadget geeks, computer/electronics project geeks, Music Geeks, drawing geeks...these kinda geeks of course girls like...But for even these geeks you shouldn't be using the term "love". Love is entirely different from these things. You can never imagine what for a girl can like a boy. Coz in my life I have observed girls may love Music and dance geeks and they also tend to love non-reliable philanderers rather than love those geeks who are serious in relationship and really constructive towards science and society. Of course they can like such guys but can't love.
    Well, I am an engineering (mainly electronics) geek and I am fond of cooking also. I am helpful to others and serious in relationship. I have observed that mostly married women admire me. And many-a-times I have heard them telling me how I am better than their husband in many ways...(sometimes even in front of their husband).
    But unmarried girls do not understand these things. They mostly fall for such guys who can spend more & more money on them, waste endless hours talking to them on mobile with no genuine reason, take them to movies/restaurant now and then, no matter how serious they are in their relationship, how much serious they are in their career, how much skilled they are in homely works.
    My love always remained one sided. No girl ever loved me. And most girls love kind of boys I stated above. Of course, guys like me are appreciated by girls (mostly married women).

    This is my experience in life. So, I am of the view that you should replace the term "love" by "like". "Love" is a tremendously heavy term dude.