The Rise of Lonely Women in Urban India

Lonely Women

Loneliness is a curse; it creates boredom that eventually kills the joy from within. Unlike the United States where lonely women have lots of outlets to vent out their desperation. India is a conservative nation, where women have to stay under rules. Some girls do try to break the monotony but most urban girls are dying each day of sheer loneliness. It’s a serious problem. Unlike yesteryears, now women think a lot before taking a step. They are independent but their independence has a price to pay. Their success becomes their enemy. 

They become choosy, they lead a suave lifestyle, they have to look good always, they are more conscious about their weight. They have too many obligations. The urbanization of India is gradually taking life away from us. Now urban girls prefer to stay single till they don’t find a guy who meets her expectations. She constantly searches for the right person but her search always goes in vain. Urban girls may have too many friends but from within they are always lonely.

Why there’s so much loneliness in metro cities? Indian urban girls are educated, they know many things. They are always better than boys. They are responsible still they are always lonely and single. The question kills them every time. Whenever they look at couples, they try to think of mingling but the guys whom they want to date aren’t available for them and time flies away. Girls in India faces serious problem between the age group of 25-29. If they are single, then the problems become lethal. We are a part of a confused generation; we are actually sandwiched between the new and the old.

Unlike western countries, girls in India should get married before 30. If you aren’t married, society will raise the question. The life of a single girl becomes too difficult. They search for the soul mates in marriage parties, pubs, online sites, almost everywhere but they fail to get the man of their dream. But life isn’t so dark. There’s always hope. There’s always a better life after a brutal break-up, there’s life beyond the boundaries, there’s road to escape. The shadow of loneliness will only leave you if you look outside your window, and see the beauty inside your soul.


  1. v true ,i face a similar problem too.

  2. It's becoming a very serious problem now :-)

  3. Its sad how our society thinks women should marry as early as possible... there is great joy in spending time with oneself too...

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