Imagine a Day without Women

Mr. Jonathan likes watching women from his balcony, Smith often spends his day chatting with his girl friends, Phillip plays guitar to impress his college mates. Imagine a day without women. Don’t you think life will lose its meaning? There will be no motivation, no excitement left in this world. People keep shouting slogans about saving trees, protecting rare animals but nobody ever talks about saving women. Don’t you see a decline in the women population in our country? Don’t you feel the world will end eventually if there are no women? 

All men will drink, smoke and talk about the women they once loved. All shopping malls will get closed down; the gardens of love will be flooded by dry maple leaves. There will be no competition in colleges; guys like Jonathan will eventually die. The beauty of women decorates the entire planet, provides light to the dingy corridors, add inspiration to every art work. The girl in the metro station that you always encounter elevates your dreams, the women from your neighbourhood supplies all that great food. Women are the sole reason for the creation of greatest monuments. It’s woman who lights up your existence. 

Now that we all know, life without women is impossible therefore we should forget about imagining things that can’t be true. If there are men, there will be women, if there are trees, there will be love birds around, if there are movie theatres, there will be couples cuddling near you for sure. A day without women is that dark fiction that no men will ever try to read. Well! If you are a women hater, if you are one who got betrayed badly, please don’t crib and curse all the women. Life isn’t the same everyday. There’s a silver lining always. So, the major takeaway from this post may be - respect and love women instead of killing them before birth. 

God must be a man?