How to Romance Like Jim Morrison?

Jim Morrison was an eccentric person, he did things that people considered vulgar. He did all notorious stuff, all his stage performances were erratic, he slept with his fans, he was bad, he was exceptionally rude at times still Jim Morrison is alive in our hearts, in our soul, in our existence. Still we recite his poetry, still we listen to his songs, still we talk about his eternal romance. Apart from all his notorious deeds and uncanny moves, Jim was the greatest lover of all time. He was chased by girls after his performances; he was young, energetic, and brutally addictive. 

He is the God of Cult Rock. 

In a hot summer evening, in some corner of the universe, I am writing about him because I feel a deep connection from within. Jim Morrison always inspired me. His poetries were considered amateurish, his behaviour was considered rude, he wasn’t a conventional young guy. His love with Pamela Courson wasn’t very soft. They fought and made love, they did drugs together. All these things may not be considered good but I feel he is immortal because of his misdeeds and extreme talent to see the future ahead of his counterparts. He predicted about music, he once said that music will become electronic. 

Well! It’s time to justify the title of my article. How to romance like Jim Morrison? I won’t say that you have to be a great singer and poet like him, I won’t say that you have to behave like him, I won’t ever ask you to do drugs to feel ecstasy but I will surely recommend you to see life from a different angle. Think about your life without the existence of your partner, think about the cruel world which will never understand your eccentricity, think about the strangers who will always speak and perceive you as a madman. 

In order to romance like Jim Morrison, you have to be really nice guy. No matter how people treat, never be rude to anybody. Be eccentric but not cruel, be passionate from within and eventually people around you will know you from inside. Make your loneliness productive; make yourself alive by listening to music. Throw aside your anger and take a break from the monotony by doing things you love most. In order to be like Jim Morrison, you have to read his poetry, listen to his songs and browse through his tales.  

The silence in your life is Jim, he is your guiding light, whenever you are upset, read his poetry book. You will eventually know what life do to passionate people. You will be misunderstood everywhere, you will be dumped, you will be kicked but you will have people like you, people who will understand your madness, people who will make you feel strong enough to survive. 

In order to love like Jim Morrison, you have to be yourself. You have to write, talk and express whatever you feel. You don’t have to be straight forward because that will hurt the person who doesn’t know you. Be silent and follow the tide. You will feel the soft breeze touching your golden cheeks, wait till the moon goes down, there will be a perfect dawn...

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