Why Girls Love Short Haired Man?

Why girls hate long haired man although most of the Rockstars have long curls to flaunt? This question always troubled me. I am continuously in search of a definite answer. I am severely forced to crop my Jim Morrison curls. I felt like a prisoner living in a world full of sensible people. I looked utterly non professional, scruffy and ridiculously different although I felt like a Rockstar from within. The mirror in my living room was the last thing that appreciated my looks. I was traumatised when people around me forced me to crop my hard earned locks. One fine day, I decided to do it their way as I told my local hairstylist to cut it short. That proper crew cut as they say. Suddenly things around me changed, I became respectable person overnight. I kept gazing at the mirror in my living room that continuously made fun of me. My rock community dumped me; I became normal that kept troubling me from inside. I felt ridiculous again but I was at least satisfied to get good feedbacks from my so-called sane friends. This is my story but I know many guys who love to keep long hair but due to societal pressure they aren’t doing that. 

Now the question is why girls love short haired man? I finally got the answer. They find man with short hair good-looking because they look like a man. They say long hair doesn’t suit every guy and I know whom they are targeting. Girls love short hair because they always prefer a clean man. They hate to walk with a walking talking philosopher and a poet at least who looks like one. They like decent guys and if you keep long hair that means you are indecent and you’re not serious about life. I got it. After so many years of introspection I am finally writing this. I still don’t know the reason behind girls, parents hating long haired guy but I am sure that it’s not acceptable at least in a country like India where everything should look normal. If you aren’t marrying at right time, you will be questioned, if you don’t have babies after than you will be questioned. Nevertheless you will be questioned. Well, I think there’s only one answer to the question. It’s always advisable to take good ideas from the friends you trust. It’s not that you look good in long hair or short hair, it’s your persona that comes out from inside. These are only my feelings and I have no intention to trouble anyone’s feelings or emotions. Long haired guys will always be hated especially if you are not a Rockstar, singer or an actor. So, think twice before growing your hair, there will be sure trouble from outside.  


  1. Haha...that was a good explanation! ;) :D

  2. it is still arguable...
    what can be probable explanation to young women's attraction to older men, specially, student to professor, where most of the professors are kind of philosophers which attract most of the girls (not due to long or short hair), and yet they are uninterested in them...

  3. Lol.
    I loved this post!
    Being a girl I would say, a good attempt to understand us ;);):P
    Liked it =)

  4. Oh no, sweetie, if the women you know don't like long hair, you are looking in the wrong places! I love it and I know many women who love it. Of course, not all of us do, but not all of us love any one aspect of a man. Don't cut your hair because people tell you to! Be who you are and go find some new people!!
    I guess I should moderate this by saying some men can't pull it off, but that's mostly only when they don't take care of it. Do keep the ends trimmed nicely, keep it clean, and use lots and lots of conditioner. Look at photos of long-haired pin-up guys online (when you're friends aren't around to see you looking) if your hair doesn't look like that, it may need a little work.