Age Twenty Nine – The Time of Confusion, Boredom and Contradictions

Things start falling apart, confusions in plenty, hazy road and many more. You are caught between the silent dusts, you are attracted by the laws of The Secret, you try new things, you try it so hard. It’s not you, it’s the age that plays the cunning game with you. A perfect life is a myth and everybody hoping to get the best possible things within a short span is just a fiction. Things don’t come easily however miracles do happen in life. The words written above reflect the confusion of age 29. 

There are many things in life that attracts you for example you want love, money and happiness. You aren’t sure about anything but you still crave to lead a perfect life. You see pictures of friends spending great time in exotic locations; you see them having all the fun. Sometimes you feel like a dumped creature sitting alone in front of the computer in a Saturday evening. 

You feel bored of not doing anything exciting, you seriously try to bang your head against the wall. But listen! Everyday isn’t same. Today you may be gazing at other’s timeline in awe but things won’t remain same forever. You will also have moments of bliss. This is not you. It’s the age that’s playing the game. The moment you cross the transition phase, you are bound to get that much deserved enlightenment. Age 29 is a bad age for girls. If you aren’t married, you will face parental pressure. If you have a boyfriend who is of the same age, you will again feel the pressure.

 Things won’t be easy anyways. If you are single, you will be forced to see someone and then there will be that fear of rejection. If you are in a long distance affair, you will again be in trouble of losing your partner. Things look insane at this age. You see all the hues of life at this time of your life. You are tormented by the entire galaxy. You become insane, click insane pictures, try to take out happiness from weirdness. This is the real joy. Age 29 gives you enough reason to be happy at your boredom, confusion and contradiction. It’s the best phase of your life. So, get ready for the journey ahead, when you will have everything. That day you will remember the complications of Age 29. 

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