I Am No Romantic Poet…

One day everything will disappear
One day your shadow won’t haunt me
One day all memories will die
One day you won’t find me
One day I will lose you
One day you won’t miss me
One day we will no more see each other
One day you will find your soul mate
But I won’t…
‘cause I don’t want to break my heart again…
It’s made of glass not steel…

I am slowly capturing your ache
I am observing your silence
I am making a picture of your existence
I am trying to paint
I am not trying to escape
I am slowly trying to merge myself
With dust and charcoal
With smokes and void
With your invisibility

I know you are unhappy
You are there, you will be forever
You may laugh at my poems
But you can’t ignore the words written with solid pain.

I have nothing to give
I have nothing to make you happy
I have only words
To satiate myself
To forget your absence…

You flew away; I know you are no more
Interested in my life
I know you are gone with the wind
I know you won’t look back
I know you will also forget my name…
I know you will also become a memory

The bygone light, the eternal darkness
Won’t leave the cursed living room
Everything in my life is momentary
Except the pain that keeps lingering
Just like my old friend,
Just like my shadow
Just like my words
Just like everything
But it’s beautiful, it’s pure delight
It’s fine to dwell in solitude
It’s my passion, it’s my life
It’s about the never-ending pain
It’s my imagination, it’s my lust
It’s something that defines me
It’s something that keeps me detached
It’s my territory, dark but lovely…
It’s my kingdom of ecstasy…

It’s no poem and I am no romantic poet.

Image Credit: enfemenino


  1. Awesome work buddy. I liked all the sentences..

  2. Such a wonderful poetry, so real so meaningful, amid the murk there is love for loneliness n emptiness but still it fills so much in the end.....perfectly expressed by you.....Damn Good