The Weird Romance of a Solitary Poet…

The boredom, the cacophony, the voluptuous muse, the rudimentary life, the symphonies of a lazy singer, the chance, the telepathy, the inability to come out of fantasy and the never ending delusion keeps the poet aloof from the maddening crowd.

The forgotten wings, that unhappy prose, restlessness and the eternal chaos passionately subdue his whims and fancies. He struggles, he quivers, and he fails to satiate his unending desire.

Afternoon Lullaby

Suddenly someone stimulates the poet. She satiates his broken desire. She makes him fine. The inspiration to live comes from her, he begins to fly, fly and fly.

The Moon less Night

The clueless poet drifts from one corner to another. He is accustomed to distractions, he writes meaningless progressions, and he is no attraction.

The Lost Vocabulary

The poet loses words, he forgets to write. He becomes numb, sees no hope to survive.

The Lonely Smile

The mirror hates the poet. The smile looks ugly. The poet is somewhat crazy; nobody loves him except the beautiful moon. She sends him unlimited kisses, she makes him feel important, she makes him laugh, and she praises his lonely smile…

The Beauty

The lonely poet finds bliss in her bosom, he dreams about the chariot and the moon floating through the endless sky. She kisses the poet, kisses him vehemently, kisses him till the end of the night, throughout the bright sunny days, she takes him away from the chaos.

The Beginning

The poet wakes up with the beautiful dream, scribbles his thoughts in the morn, gazes at the mirror, and gets back his lost smile…

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  1. to call it well written would be an insult, to call it beautiful would be painful, to call it visual would leave one blind...

    its visceral. :)

  2. Wow is all I can say. To second the above comment would be wise.

  3. I have told you many times that your writings are like music -pleasant and soothing.

  4. This post has something beautiful about it!! Great writing

  5. This weird romance is have depicted two contradictory emotions...their is lonely smile, their is beauty, their is moon less night n then how romance soothes life....

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    very nice way of presenting!!

  7. The lonely smile choked me. Beautiful :) :)

  8. Of all the stages, I loved 'The Beginning'

  9. You will be loved from the moment it started, i had this dream!

  10. Your blogs are way more than just interesting. I am following you. These blogs are awesome....

  11. Loving the choice of words!!! You are so lyrical and sincere...