This Is No Cinderella Story

This is no Cinderella story, this is no different romance but there’s definitely an element of magic. That first young spark, that first acceptance, that whimsical journey through the dreamy aisle would inspire every girl to think about castles, horses, and that Prince Charming. Amid chaos, amid so many distractions, amid so much beauty, amid so much ugliness, every girl dreams of wearing her wedding gown. Waiting for magic to happen but little magic we do see in our lives but we definitely see it once. Miracles do happen that’s when we see floating gardens, flying mountains and whispering trees.

The story of William and Kate inspires the new generation because there’s that element of magic. There’s that element of hope. How an ordinary girl finds her Prince Charming? The spark between them nearly fascinated every young and young at hearts. People cried after watching the regal wedding because it’s no ordinary tale. It’s the journey of a commoner to the Royal Palace. Kate Middleton represents every young girl who believes in fairytales, she epitomizes hope, she is just another girl who did everything to keep their relationship stable amid so many distractions. She kept the hope inside her alive although thinking of marriage with a real life Prince wasn’t reasonable. Kate and William took vows almost after 8 years since their first sight. The Royal wedding became a world event and everyone became the audience. It was nothing less than a fairytale…

Some moments in life do leave a mark in the sands of time; some moments in life makes you quiver in fright and some moments vehemently takes you away for a while. Witnessing the Royal Wedding wasn’t less than reading those Literature books, those Victorian poems…

The journey from those clandestine meetings to their first public kiss is something every writer would love to narrate; every musician would love to compose. The wedding was like a fairytale because it’s not only about Royal families; it’s not only about big fat wedding rather it’s all about every girl’s dream to find her inner princess, it’s all about finding her very own Prince charming…

There are always exceptions, there are variations of thoughts, there are people with Gamophobia and many of you may not like this because it may sound unreal and you have a choice to disregard this as another fluffy tale.

It may not be a Royal wedding but it's surely a fairy tale when you find your special someone...


  1. I too find that spark of stability in this couple, which somehow has been spottedly missing in previous royal weddings. But you can't ignore the fact that the past has always revealed another story behind a fairy-tale, in that family.

  2. Everyone in this world wait for their special one, their own fairy tale, for that one moment of magic....Kate n William has stability, love n dedication towards their relationship

    another magical fairy tale post from your basket

  3. Very well written !!

  4. Wonderfully well written, as always! And yes, I do agree "It may not be a Royal wedding but it's surely a fairy tale when you find your special someone..."

    Very true, indeed!

  5. thats so true...every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding...and that her prince charming would find her some beautiful day...

    good post...and about the royal did look like a fairy tale wedding to me... :)

    very beautifully said...!!! :)