Poetry, Quotes and 140 Characters…

  • You are my drug, you are my throbbing heart. you are more than a poem, those unspoken lines between my poetry is you.

  • I don't hate you, I don't love you, I worship you, I like the very thought of loving you once...

  • Afternoon is the best time to write something reasonable without any trance, simple straightforward pieces of prose without any metaphors.

  • I have read somewhere that singledom is the cause of major crimes. PS: I am no bookworm.

  • If you think I am just a shadow, you aren't making a mistake. If you think I am insane, you are definitely making one.

  • Slowly the more than half moon tonight is moving towards me, it's singing the forgotten lullaby, haze fading, tranquility descending.

  • Midnight is my time, I howl, I crawl, I create dreams, I see light, I see you, I see your smile, I hear your voice, sometimes I do try...

  • Tonight the moon won't hide behind the clouds, tonight the rain drops won't leave your closet, tonight every tree will spread its branches.

  • Twitter is full of unpublished Romeos.

  • The maze is giving me sleepless nights but I would never deny the charm. Your fleeting shadow won't torture me. It’ll rejuvenate my ecstasy.

  • I flew like a bird, the moment you called my name. I broke into pieces the moment you called out another name...

  • Loneliness is a curse. It pushes the Satan inside you. It takes away all your sanity and eventually you become whimsical.

  • Boredom isn't bliss. It's a tragedy. It devastates you. It makes you a poet.

  • The hot sun is making me restless. I want to decipher the silence before my name fades away from your lips. Why the hot sun is so silent?

  • Addiction. Devastation. Restlessness. Wait. No Reply. Pain. Wait. Reply. Smile. Regularity. Fall. Rise. Fly again. Don't fall. Just pause.

  • I miss my miss and that half asleep evening kiss. I miss my miss and her soft lips. I miss my miss and her smiley tweets.

  • The clouds. The sun. The afternoon. The morning glow. The mess. The shine. the name. The glow. The after glow.

  • I am not from a Victorian era. I am here, I love this contemporary era.

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