What's Behind a Stare - All about Good, Bad and Ugly Stare

Staring or not staring...that is the question! India is a conservative country, we are little orthodox, little laidback, little impish. People here love to stare at good looking girls wearing scanty as well as not-so scanty clothes. Gawking is the legacy of an Indian man therefore women here feel little uncomfortable even in a short skirt, forget wearing a Bikini.

We have seen very little, we want to decipher more; we have experienced less, so we talk more. Sometimes every one acts like a pervert, this is not due to lack of education or over education; this is due to the hidden stories which men in India craves to read.

Why people give such an ugly stare, why they pester a girl wearing modern outfits, sometimes the question torture every girl. Indian girls have so less dressing option. Nobody’s saint in this satanic world but there’s hardly any need to pester every girl walking in a sub-urban street.

It’s a human tendency to see a good looking girl/ boy walking but it may not be necessarily a bad stare. If you are a girl and reading this, you may know the difference between a good and bad gaze. What lies behind a stare? Is it fair to torture every female with your lusty gape, is it good to walk without acknowledging the beauty or it’s simply a different genre that a man can’t think.

Why boys stare? There are many reasons that tempt a boy to gaze heavily. Some women have eternally good shape, they hardly do anything to flaunt their beauty, they automatically grab your eyeballs, and your one eye naturally moves towards them but is it sane to stare? Every female is unique, they are beautiful but some girls do try to be extra conscious when somebody tries to gaze at them. They hate to see a man staring at them, they may give an obnoxious look, and they may not like it.

The confusion of staring or not staring would stay forever but Indian men would never stop gazing. It’s something that every one does and I am not an exception especially in a place like Delhi where there’s no dearth of good looking girls. If you are profound and hate to indulge in earthy things, then you are certainly an exception. The controversy would stay forever, girls may not always like your inquisitive gaze, and they may not always forgive you. It’s a crazy world, it’s fairly hypocritical, moderately rational but it’s definitely not a world of perverts, sometimes fine people also ogle. How to change the very mindset of Indian men? They would never change for sure. These are only my opinion, what do you think? Staring or not staring...that is the question!

If you look interested she won’t be interested
If you ignore her …She’ll run after you.

The idea was suggested by a girl I was staring at…

Image: slfashionpassion


  1. I was just lukin back 2 see if u were lukin back at me 2 see me lukin back at u :)

    Think a stare can be healthy ..its the ogle tht's lecherous... thr's nothin wrong in givin a lady a compliment with ur stare when she's put in so much effort to luk so amazing...but an ogle, guess tht aint too flattering... I'm sure both genders wud like a flirtatious look frm the other as a sort of reassurance...

    After all, to stare is human, to reveal, divine..;)

  2. Interesting closing lines!!

  3. yes, its very easy for girls to find the difference between a good, bad n ugly stare..bad n ugly stare do make girls extra conscious about their dress n their dressing style...well you have aslo given a reason behind that inquisitive gaze...It is very controversial..
    well presented...

  4. it is the stare-way to heaven...it is a healthy practice :-)

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    very well written.... NO more comments :P

  6. Staring is our prerogative and the object need not only be girls nor the subjects only boys/men. Young and old, of both sexes, staring is a national pastime, because there is a little bit of the villager in all of us. Ever been to a village where the entire street comes out to gawp at you? :))

  7. Admiring and staring are two different aspects, it is quite natural for men to stare, but reverse may not be true.....still magnetic effect does occur.....lolz

  8. I check out good looking men too. I suppose that it's very natural but you shouldn't make it very obvious that you are staring because it can make them feel conscious.

  9. Every one have inner faces Good, Bad and Ugly. But it depends upon to which we have to give preference.

  10. Yeah! Staring is so uncomfortable for me!! Sometimes, i really hate it! nd some times m convinced dat.. its human's(spcly boys) nature..to c lyk dat! :D :P

    Lol, I jus' avoid dem.. after knwng dat dey r staring at me.. NO BAD LOOK REPLIES TO SUCH STARINGS :D :P

  11. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I kept staring at your text ...
    It didn't stare back ...

  12. Girls don mind being "looked at", we look at men too...but staring is not acceptable...

  13. There is a thin line between good and bad stare. It is a matter of perspectives...you may think it is good stare but for the one who is being stared, ignorant of your thots, it may be a bad stare!