Procrastination – A Subconscious Addiction

Our daily life may look quite mundane, it may start with an irritating wake up alarm, you crave to sleep 10 more minutes, and you finally get courageous to step out of your bed.

Everything looks hazy in the morn, slowly your eyes open and you take that regular shower and step outside your silken apartment, and have your regular tea at your regular tea shop, reach office regularly late, sit in front of the machine, check your mails and start working then you would love to have tea, then work again, tea, work, tea, work, lunch, tea, work, and finally you steal time to see those crazy updates from your friends and relatives residing across the globe and work again. The whole process if recorded by a cam would generate same sort of movements. It will be an uninteresting time lapse video however you may or may not produce something worthwhile during your daytime.

You walk out of your office and see the evening rush in the form of traffic dying to reach their respective homes as fast as possible. They run after public transports, shouts, yells and finally they reach home after such a wonderful chaos. After spending so many hours at work, they again crave to switch on their laptops and check mail, some people watch T.V, some listen to music and some people go for a walk with their favourite people. The evening ends and you sleep…

We all keep procrastinating, keep delaying trips, meetings and finally end up actually doing nothing. The major problem with the younger generation is laziness. How to overcome this problem is the question but is it possible to defeat this subconscious drive that makes your life extremely mundane. Self reform isn’t that easy but we all try to do a bit to make our life little smoother by changing our daily life minutely as possible. Everyone’s doing that but how effective are the changes is the question. Addiction is a subconscious thing and procrastination is definitely the worst thing. In order to make your life little better, you should keep making little changes daily which will surprisingly make a different time lapse video and consequently make you a better individual may be…

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  1. I was procrastinating and delaying my writing my paper, when I came across this post.
    i guess this is the universe giving me signs->'It's time to get your ass off of the internet and start working.'


  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    im in rehab... trying to get out of my procrastination addiction.......... :P ....... on my way to recovery

  3. thanks dude. Ill try to change the flavors of my regimen.

  4. I see your point but I don't procrastination belongs to subconscious , we all are addicted to facebook and we know it consciously and we still keep on using it... so leering a bit away from the main topic... I'd say its relative and to each his own..

  5. Anonymous4:52 AM

    too... good ...

  6. Aaahhh!! My mom always scolds abt my laziness... nd i curse myself.. for having such bad quality :( :(

  7. I procrastinate WAY too much!
    this blogpost reminds me i need to go back to books and start studying :P

  8. Hey! Procrastination is a way of life for the 'younger generation' (or us :P ) But indeed we need to strive to be better. which reminds me, I have work to do :/

  9. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Procrastination is a disease that gets worse with time ....

    anonymous,world-record procrastinator

  10. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Interesting, Pallav. The time lag video test is quite a fantastic way to recheck our routinely addictive lives.

  11. procrastination is a calm hampers lot of work...i procrastinate too much but now trying to improve...

  12. Interesting post.... I tend to procrastinate too... but when something needs to be done, it juts needs to be done :-) Thank god for my will to complete stuff... :-)

    Cheers, Archana -