The Recurring Nightmare

Once upon a time there was a man who never smiled, never talked, never whispered or uttered any word. He was living in a solid delusion, solid pain, and solid boredom. He died every night, he cried every noon. His face became ugly, he slowly began to sink. The story of his life was never heard; his words disappeared. Nobody tried to look into his heart, nobody tried to give him another chance.

Recurring dreams kept pestering him day in and day out. He kept flying endlessly, he kept falling from cliffs. He never woke up with a smile; there was sweat even in a crazy winter night.

Amid the eternal darkness, he was searching for candlelight to light up his dungeon; he was trying to crawl through the broken stairs. He captured every thing that tried to come to his life. He was confused about life at large.

Once upon a time there was man who never smiled, there was a zombie who walked unnoticed, who survived the toughest battle with his inner self, who slowly gathered everything again to give life an another chance…

Photo: Videojug


  1. i love the way you write about human emotions...this is a part of every man's life....sometimes we are unable to see that another chance...we can only see when there is always the end has a ray of hope n survival...good one pallav....

  2. transformation is life.

  3. a certain phase when battle goes on inside between some feelings. we move on den discarding the thoughts that could transform life!!