Facebook Song

If you don’t see me online,
Don’t think I am offline
If you don’t find my poke
Don’t think I don’t miss you
If you don’t see my updates
Don’t think I am away…

The facebook is mine
The facebook is mine
I have everything if I have you
I have nothing if I lose you…

It isn’t an addiction, it’s not narcissism
It’s simply my boredom,
It’s my obsession,
It’s the only song
Everyone’s singing all along…

The facebook is mine
The facebook is mine
I no more read newspapers
I no more watch television
I just log into my FB account.

Someday, it’s going to be fine
You would laugh at my song
Someday, we all would recall
About our facebook days
Someday we would be no more seen
Till then
Keep singing the facebook song…


  1. Lol good one. Reflects the obsession of our generation with Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild quite aptly!

  2. Awesomee... :D Tribute to FB :)

  3. You can call this CHEERFUL :D

  4. Naughty song! After orkut days, its facebook days now. Exciting to see the future 'days' :)

  5. Hey Piper man, really cool one..u nailed it bang on the head...whnvr I'm just bored, I just FB...n keep thinkin of status updates n new friends n replys...ya, i no longer read newspapers nor watch tv....crazy, man..u gt it just rite wid the FB song :)

    Cool read man :)

  6. Anonymous10:01 PM

    ha ha! that was cool and funny

  7. hahaha.....apt presentation of obsession....

  8. Yeah, you nailed it.
    Loved the bit at the last, imagining the days when FB will be an old phenomena, and would live in the tales of a generation that had lost in the song of FB

    Interesting blog. I shall catch up on more stuff soon.


  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What if I'm not singing that song
    Does it make me all so wrong
    Do we all have to sing along
    Can't we have a song of our own
    If you read me do not frown
    As I'm singing not to drown!

    ps: liked your FB song!