Dirty Evenings, Husky Moonlight and a Simpleton

All urban evenings are full of action. Sometimes they are filled with lust, sometimes they look eternally monotonous. Sometimes you get enough attention; sometimes you are just lost in your thoughts. A big city life makes you restless; you have so many things to do. You never get time to complete everything, you reluctantly sleep. There’s so much information all around, you hardly get time to consume, you are just like a half cooked meal and your knowledge seems so irrelevant. You laugh, you stare, and you make fun of yourself.

The Satan inside tempts you to indulge, it gives you the strength to do whatever you want, it keeps you guilt free. Everyday you wake up halfheartedly, you take a lazy shower, you wear your shades, have a cup of tea, work, and return back to your castle. Thousands of thoughts revolve around your mind, you try to concentrate, and finally you give up. You see hundreds of wedding pictures in your facebook news feed, you praise their lovely faces finally you look inside in your life that looks fairly uninteresting. You pretend to hate Indian culture, you try to reform your lifestyle, and you try to do so many things.

India is a conservative country and people here are extremely reputation conscious. You are not allowed to speak absurd things, you are not allowed to kiss in public places, and you are not allowed to take an unconventional route. There’s pessimism, there’s prejudice. Life in an urban setting is somewhat crazy. Everyone seems to be whining at their air conditioned cabins, nobody is satiated from what they are doing. The poetry is somewhere missing as our busy lives never allow us to be whimsical. You are just treated as a simpleton if you appreciate humanities. You have to look, act and talk practically. You should basically look presentable. All quirky creatures found outside fashion designing colleges and advertising agencies are regarded as mad souls by the common people. People hardly want to talk to a lost moron. They are dirty, artistic and sad. Girls mostly prefer super practical bankers, doctors and sometimes engineers. All quirky people keep cribbing endlessly in disgust.

Fairytales! Suddenly the moon becomes bigger. You envisage castle in the air, the world changes colour, worries disappear, bliss finds you, your eyes flicker, you see sunshine, you praise the actual world where you live, and you discard all pent up emotions. You appreciate all tiny nuances of life. You no more search for your shadow in the dark. That’s how you juggle between reality and a beautiful fiction…

Image Credit: Creativefan


  1. Descriptions of social psychology at its best!

  2. Life of a socially constrained human being...or everyone's story.

    well described :)

  3. social canvas at its best, this is what exactly happens....good one pallav.....