The New Literature…

Getting your ass signed off by a stripper, having affairs with your professor, pumping and swinging whole night in high end pubs are just passé. Lady Gaga’s unique lifestyle, Rob’s paleness, Mark’s geeky ideas, Paulo Coelho’s magic realism, Nolan’s Inception, Peter Jackson’s recreation of shire and hobbits, the New York Times' bestsellers turning into movies, the rise of writers, the urban aloofness, the virtual gaming and dating scenes are becoming the New Literature.

There’s a fresh wave in the blogging stratosphere, the world is embracing social media, revolutions becoming snazzier and the results are quick and satiating. The bright blue sky is exuding newer fantasies, real toys to play with. Relationships are falling apart but the visual effects aren’t traumatising. The narcissism intruding the urban sky with perfect ease and nobody is complaining. The humanity is definitely rising.

The reincarnation of Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and William Shakespeare is on the process. The medieval world is tweeting from the grave. The geeks are getting Victoria’s Secret angels and the studs are dying unmarried and disheartened. The concept of beauty is changing. It’s evolving; the craze for Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous butts, the uniquely shaped Jolie’s lips, and the supernatural presence of Rushdie are truly mesmerising the galaxy. The monotony is breaking down into pieces.

The poetry of this age is different. It may not have that Victorian touch but it is definitely touching you. Thousands of new words are added to the urban dictionary daily. The restless generation is somewhat difficult to interpret but the melancholy is evenly reciprocated.

There’s dirt, there’s venomous smokes, there’s an itch to kick hard, the hedonism, the right to live, the right to live without guilt, the late night howling, the guns and the roses are becoming a part of the present. It’s growing endlessly, the thirst to taste different things, and fake exorcisms are making the world hollow yet very entertaining.

No more big words should devastate this space hence we should keep doing that suits us best. We shouldn’t come under any false assumption; we should close our eyes and ask Lord to take us through the exact aisle of hope. Discovering bliss amid this chaos could be pleasurable, there’s always a new beginning and there’s certainly an end to every good thing…

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  1. So true of our times...nice post

  2. I have been following your posts for over a year now, and I really love it.

    I have received an award which I would like to pass on to you.

    Do visit my blog for furthur details :)


  3. About time too, we discovered older values. However, though you refer to Shakespeare, the Facebook/Twitter culture appears to be hackneyed at best.

  4. absolutely correct....another damn good post from your basket....loved the last paragraph.....i just love the way you end your post there is so much of hope approaching certainty...

  5. An interesting take on modern Literature. Esp. the part about new words being added to the dictionary each day. Enjoyed reading. :D

  6. Phew!

    And I thought the post hit me hard, the picture did even more!

  7. brilliant post. I have a thing for Modern literature.
    This post made me want to follow you.

  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    That is one brilliant post. Love the way you talk about the future literature that is now and that too in it's lingo.