The Fantastic Life of a Loner…

Elves, flying mountains, ghosts, mermaids, dreams, Anglo-Saxon castles and a timeless silent universe amuse him. His heart flies away, the red looking wine and the venomous smokes makes him insane. The chaos, the turbulence, the quagmire of a hollow life keeps torturing his already sinking heart. Where is love? Where are those smiles? Where is that glow of his yesteryears?

He is so very detached from the real world. The cloak of hypocrisy that he wears is becoming too heavy for his survival. The turmoil and the cacophony play games with his naive corpse. He is slowly moving towards a bright light, he is unable to find his guardian angel; he is no more witnessing the magical light above his soul mate.

Time stopped completely, the boat isn't moving, the trees aren’t talking, and the burning desire has all faded away. The numbness has taken over.  He couldn’t feel the twinge, he is unable to walk straight, and he is fallen and disguised. Everything around him looks like a monster, every word from strangers sound ruthless. This world isn't the best place for him.

Take him away to the land of music, take him to that Neverland, take him to a place where nothing ugly survives and take him away from this lonely, desolate and unhappy place. Why the ghosts of dead boring poets keep tempting him, why he loves the absurdity, why is he so different? Why he struggles to make eye contacts? Why he keeps running from the crowd? The loner inside him is growing, it’s getting bigger.

The crazy restlessness, procrastination, jammed cell phone; shackled life is preventing the loner to fly, to meet beautiful people with same hearts. His ugly face with so many dark spots exudes nothing but boredom, his presence is disturbing to the entire universe.

There are people like him, there are more people unlike him but there’s surely a part of everyone in him. The fantastic life of a loner isn’t a fiction; it’s the only reality in this fast changing world. We are living here and we can’t escape…

                                                Happy Valentine's Day...
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  1. yes very well said..

  2. I could feel the loner's feelings because I feel them too though not always. It was a nice read! :)

  3. Oh, man.....that's really fascinating. Thanks a ton :-)

  4. So true, everyone is lonely in this madly fast world.

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    The loner can fly
    So fast and so high
    The crowd cannot follow
    A poet's heart’s a hobo
    Do not let your words disappear in the dark
    Do not let yourself think no one see them spark
    Enjoy that wordy journey
    Even on valentine's day !