The Bright Darkness – The Lady and the Swindler

She quivers when the swindler touches her. She cries in agony and despair. She tries to flee but the venom has already started reacting. She’s poisoned and hypnotized, she is right under the tricky shadows of gloom; she is unable to move out and make love.

The swindler is moving with a hot iron rod trying to curse humanity. He is dancing like a creepy creature. His eyes are red, blood cold as ice. There’s a flash of golden light behind the mountains - far from the murky shadows but the venom is spreading, scattering like the wild fire in the bush.

The symphony of the nightingale is satiating the bard of loneliness. He is scribbling pages about the known and the unknown. The old man with a fashionable hat is walking through the aisles of solitude. He is forgotten by his sons and daughters. He is left alone to die.

The weed, the hemlock is endlessly praising the lords. The hitchhiker isn’t stopping; he is busy deciphering the dingy corridors, the haunted corners of the world. The melting wall, the Tsunami affected areas and the land of the living dead is creating curiosity. The hitch hiker is unstoppable now.

Oh love where are you? The curse is killing the heart broken lover. He is dying and living, he is killing his dream every night, and he is unable to come out…

She is running away from the swindler. She is trying to find the flash of golden light. He is creating mazes for her; he is making her life complex. The bad and ugly dreams of leafless trees and a skinny shadow of the swindler are squeezing her blood. The venom inside her is growing. She is breathing heavily, she is moving aimlessly through the aisles of solitude…

There’s no fairytale ending in the real life, there’s only some madness and chaos spawned from broken dreams and lost empires.

The story hasn’t started yet…


Image Credit: neosurrealism.artdigitaldesign

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  1. Very painful and true ....and well written ...good going pallav