Writing While Travelling…

He could see meadows, unending sky and a beautiful Indian countryside. The chaos is slowly disappearing; it’s turning into some sweet symphony. The sugarcane farms, golden green earth around are utterly captivating. People lazing in front of their houses, birds singing atop hillside and the winter sun delightfully caress the rustic panorama. That’s how life starts outside a chaotic urban sky. There’s no red lights, no Costa Coffee, no hot dogs, no diet coke, there so much space around. He could see some small kids rushing to their schools in some blue and white uniform, he could see some young girls cycling with joy, he is capturing every moment, and he is vehemently scribbling pages while travelling.


  1. very true ...this is wht happens when u step outside a city

  2. scribble more
    this is what i have been waiting for.
    was wondering when couldnt see it cuming.
    i wana read more
    pls pls write more.
    i wana smell the soil in your words.
    breath in the air you u r taking in.
    i wana be dere.
    right dere standing beside u, when u scribble :)

  3. The relaxed rustic days -nourishment to heart and soul.

  4. Very gentle words conjuring up pleasant images. Thanks!

  5. Writing while travelling is the best thing one could do. Especially when the view is so captivating and you you feel so close to nature.

    Nice post :)

  6. this is the beauty of life outside urban chaos....

  7. There’s no red lights, no Costa Coffee, no hot dogs, no diet coke, ....but their is peace in thoughts,an inquisitive mind to explore and feel the different world altogether different.

  8. I was actually transported there...