Urban Philosophy - The Truth!

Messy hair, old trench coat, geeky specs and a burning cigarette – he walks with a lady, he creates vivid thoughts and try to implement them in his life.

She walks with an attitude, wears anything that’s comfortable, hardly cares about anybody, she loves her own imaginary world.

Lonely yet crowded, unhappy still full of glee, deserted yet not down, she extracts the beauty of life from the metaphors and the freezing tide.

He keeps inhaling knowledge, he just get inside every damn thing, tries to experiment and finally comes out with a weird idea!

He blabbers absurd thoughts, quite meaningless for the outer world, he fills his heart with the uniquesness, and he never stops praying the cult gods.

She writes long mails, she tries every word to make it apt; she eventually caresses the receiver with her soothing words.

He plays guitar, sings well, he is surrounded by damsels; he creates music, finally sinks without trace in an urban garage.

He runs for life, he runs for his ex, he runs more than Forrest Gump; he reaches the highway just to get a glimpse of his shadow, loses his shoes, walks barefooted, meets the nothingness, and finally embraces life.

She is happy without a reason, she has everybody, she must be happy, she might be that fair lady, and she may not be the one.

There’s something inside his mind, something inside his heart and something inside his existence. He finds no one to accompany, takes nobody in. He is just moving towards something that he hardly knows.

She is searching, she is calculating the price of that very beautiful diamond casket, she isn’t satiated, and she is restless.

His heart is like rock, feels nothing for anyone, he is friend to his shadow, he is shrewd and lives in paranoia. 

He is for all, loves to appreciate every good thing, and dreams about her, he is still craving, still not able to find the definition of perfect harmony.

Urban Philosophies are quite hard to interpret, harder to decipher, impossible to read, meaningless to come with a conclusion. There are no rules, there’s only a desire for more…

 Image Credit: caleartworks, vi.sualize


  1. such a vivid panorama of Urban Philosohpy.. i mean, the Truth...nice depiction Pallav....its hard to decipher, its difficult to decode that philosophy, but only connoissuer can decode them, i guess..well said, that there is always a desire for more, craving inside a human heart....when life turns it degree even rocks get melted find bliss n harmony n becomes Prodigy of life.......

  2. Urban life is interesting. I feel so..

  3. You paint an interesting picture with this.

  4. Very interesting portrayal of such urban 'realities', if one could truly call them that.

  5. so true ..wish u hd written @ lil more 'bout 'she'

  6. @Iti...True! The wind of change could mold anyone, anytime!

    @Abhilash...Urban life is good if not the best.

    @Maitreyee...Thanks for liking the picture :)

    @Rohini...Thanks. Urban life is interesting indeed!

    @Vicious...Thanks! Urban realities about 'she' is there in my heart. I hope I could paint the picture equally well. Coming soon..:)