The Rise of the Other World…

Time stands at rest, the window of his heart is wounded by the thundering wind. The illusion is so beautiful; the reality is full of cruel people. Everyday news about diplomacy and hypocrisy makes him run, run away from the blue earth. The floating people in his dreams smile while the reality curses him, kicks him and throws him to some used dust bin.

He closes his eyes to dream, to see the greenery, to see the humming metaphors of love, solitude and desire. The everyday chaos makes him so very dead. The symphony is somewhat missing, the snakes and cockroaches are ruling entire blue earth. The floating people in his dreams often praises the attire he wears, the thunder and lightening makes him frail when he opens his eyes.

 The dungeons get deeper, the caves become harmful, and the surrealism keeps his dreams alive.  He sees magic in every artist’s eyes; he sees drama in his life. The half ruined apartment where he dwells no more exude the sonata of that old piano, the bicycle in the old garage stand rusted quivering in the solitary sunshine. Ugly faces, young visage and those never seen faces keeps lingering, he tries to join those broken wings, the angel must be thinking about him but he couldn’t feel her feelings, he couldn’t move around in his dreams.

The world is a beautiful place where human beings are not so lonely but there are some people who still live under that deep illusion of extreme imagination. The owls and the beetles never disturb their own sweet melancholy. They are born to see the other side; the gratifying midnight never abandons them…

Image Credit: Digitalart


  1. loved the imagery that you have created.. :)

  2. bingo man.... its aWEsome...

  3. Thanks S and Stranger :)

  4. I dont know why but your starting paragraphs made me remember a babychild who was thrown by his mother in the garbage bin...

  5. just as Milton has created beautiful imagery in "Paradise Lost" too have created very beautiful imagery...