Drugs and Prayers…

Take it easy! The smokes touching her face may annoy her, not you. She is whining and cursing you but you are still resolute. Your eyes have deep black cleavages; your snake skin is utterly disturbing. Take it easy my friend, you are just very normal.  Stop the very non-sense, push the illusion, embrace the fact that you are living on this planet. The metaphysics, the philosophies, the Victorian poetry isn’t your tea cup, you should rather kiss feet of Baba Bholenath. Your taste is different but your likings are bit same of an idiot in disguise. You talk about paradox but you are unable to feel the state of your paradox. 

Writing about anything may be your forte but scribbling madness and polluting the World Wide Web isn’t just expected. The drugs that you take not only generate hallucinations but also create illusions for the people around. Utter non-sense. Do you think alcoholic and drug addicts are sane? They just talk non-sense. Drugs and prayers can never go hand in hand as the silence and chaos are poles apart. Do you think you can achieve bliss by praying? Yes! Pray without drugs, lust, impurity, bad intention in your mind etc. Ridiculous! Human beings aren’t so pure that’s why they are human. Prayers soothe your consciousness. You pray when you are extremely sad, afraid or happy. The need for a prayer only arises when there is a crisis. A drug addict goes to a rehabilitation center and prays a lot. He wears white pure clothes and discusses poetry with the nurses. He finally comes out and changes the world. 

Drugs and prayers are same. Again a Paradox! There’s no difference between a priest and a drug addict. Both of them have same future – they die. One releases and the other catches it. If you are happy and satiated with yourself, you have no right to curse and give pain. Let others live with their superstitions, who are you to interfere and preach. Finally the drug addict and the priest moves away and the very sane common man comes into picture. The madness disappears but a sense of chaos appears. The world is so confused and we aren’t an exception. If Drugs and Prayers are metaphors for the good and the bad then what shall be the metaphor for the ugliness that’s creating this entire nuisance? Don’t think as we all know, there’s always a silver lining that kills all the germs for neutralizing our lives and our dreams…

The road isn’t flowery but there’s always a happy destination…


  1. Aptly said abt drugs n prayers..liked d para of prayers... I think it should not limited 2 crisis alone..pray also 2 thank wat we have...express d gratitude

  2. The opening paragraph is amazing...there is no parameter to claim that alcoholic n drug addicts are insane...They talk meaningful too...sometimes even sane can't understand them..drugs n paryers can go hand in hand because paryer gives the strength to overcome addictions as human soul is not pure enough...but that does not mean if you are not pure you can never ever be, i guess...that does not stop him from striving towards purity & bliss...bliss is not in being pure....bliss is felt during metamorphosis...prayer is never confine to only crisis, it is much beyond that..it is for thanking, it begins praying for particularly ownself to selflessly for others...well, what is a metaphor for 'Ugliness'?
    at the end it's all about being hopeful......

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  4. Take me away - somewhere far away!

  5. I just hate the drug consumers.

  6. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Really something different to think about.