The Beginning of a Psychedelic Life

Dark fiction, capricious smile, profound loneliness and a glimpse of that beautiful dream adds magic to your life. You begin to praise the never-ending sea. You try to dive with the mermaids, you love to dance with the fallen angels, and you are so very tired of the normal life. Nothing amuses you, you look extremely dull, and your heart craves for something that you hardly know. You love to get drenched in that solitary sadness. You are reduced to a half-breed moron. The thorns near the roses attracts you, the madness tempts you, you try to run away whenever you get a chance, you fail to make a welcoming presence in the crowd. 

When these things keep happening to your everyday life, you seek to jump to another world. You try hard to feel better but the darkness within never permits you to smile. The thunder and lightening within your galaxy crawls like vermin throughout. The hallucinations increase, the insanity becomes your passion; you then try to feel bright colours, praise absurdity. There’s no love, no lust. There’s only a torturing void. You hate to talk; you begin to love the silence which makes you comfortable. 

You fly with your shadow, smile in your sadness, and feel goosebumps at your own state, you enjoy the psychedelic life. The smokes dance around you, the music of Floyd and Jim uplifts paranoia. Suddenly, there are droplets from heaven, you take the jewels in your hands, see yourself and throw them away without any appraisal. You hate to see the face in those droplets. The wind blows hard, the trees crackle, owls weep and the buzzing beetles seduce you insanely. You close your eyes, feel the growing music inside your soul and move slowly towards the enchanting realism…

Image Credit: Paulvincenti


  1. I have personally been through this state of life. I was a psychic once. I hope I am all right now. I feel so proud everytime wen I come to your post and become the first person to read it and comment... Its my success to do this everytime..

  2. Loved d line..u smile in d darkness...enjoy d psychedelic life...but its also important 2 get out of d paranoia too

  3. can't say much but many have those moments...some make it their lives and some manage to walk the tight rope between reality and illusion...

  4. i think everyone goes through this phase once in life,n this phase also add another profound meaning to one's life....
    loved the line "droplet from heavens...hate to see the face in those droplets"