Surreal Winter Romance…

The sky is spreading its arms; the moon is sinking in that cup of coffee. That touch of bliss, that blanket of desire still haunts him, still spoils him. The wind is touching his ears, whispering mutely about that voluptuous silhouette. He is quivering like a child; he is unable to praise the glittering sunshine. Suddenly, there’s a flash! Someone smiles, someone winks, someone touches his shivering arms. The winter breeze evolves, the nights become longer and the union seems unavoidable. The fiction is becoming alive; the heat around everything is increasing. 

The eternal winter love makes everyone insane. You smell your love in your dreams, you just couldn’t hold yourself, and you become so very lost. You discover finery; you experience crazy things, your face glows. The raindrops transform the world around you. 

She is coming close to you, she is spoiling you, and she trespasses your lone galaxy. You are getting inside those curves of ultimate luxury; you are no more playing in the void. You fly, sing and create. You become unstoppable. You write sugary letters, you become a romantic poet. The ugly sun no more tortures you. You dance like a madman, you no more whine for that perfect happiness. She becomes your Helen, she becomes your Cleopatra. Maple leaves, champagne and a cosy winter hangover. You just feel like staying in bed forever. 

Winter gives you enough reason to smile. The celebrations in and around intensifies the warmth. It’s time to mingle; it’s time to decipher the unknown rain forest. It’s time to make love with your loneliness; it’s time to end that perpetual reverie. Someone needs you badly, someone’s waiting for you. She is still playing with her long curls just for you. Catch her or else she would just fly...

There’s no end to a surreal winter romance…

Photo Credit: goodtigermusic


  1. waah waah waaah.... Pallav bhaai.. No words.. so so perfect.. what a romantic wintery post.. waah..... I cant stop exclaiming.. Waah.... may God bless you with more writing skills... so that I just die doing waah waah.... ufff.

  2. Indeed, there is no end to surreal winter romance, one that warms the cockles of the heart! :-)

    Wonderful, as always, Pallav!

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Waking in a winter wonderland :)

    Sure hope you didn't mean Van Halen? Or is that a subtle reference to the song "Hot for teacher"?

  4. @Abhilash - Thanks for appreciating winter romance.

    @Rakesh --- Yes! Winter is always so heartwarming.

    @Tonguesmiley --- Thanks for pointing that out - I mean Halen! It was a typo. It's actually Helen of Troy :-)

  5. winters is always reminds me of great time i had in past...

  6. Well never experienced that kind of winter but yes I guess the weather makes one long for cosiness and brings out the vulnerable part to the surface...

  7. nice new look of the blog ...

  8. @thousand dreams...True! I hope more such memories get created in our lives soon.

    @Songsnwords...Some thoughts really tempt us especially during winter.

    @megharana...Thanks a ton :-)