Why Is Pamela Anderson Considered Terrifyingly Hot?

What happens when someone like Pamela Anderson visits India? The answer may vary from person to person but it’s almost impossible to ignore her big presence. Everyone would like to peep inside the house to get a glimpse of her curves. She is too hot for Indian Television. Pamela Anderson’s round façade is creating ripples everywhere. Her presence is enough to boost TV ratings, create protests etc. especially in a content hungry country like India. Everyone loves a big package here – the bigger the better. Indian men are comparatively restricted from indulging into big games and hence someone like Pamela stimulates their senses with perfect ease.

It’s amazing to watch someone like her in Indian Television. The twitter landscape is almost getting flooded with various intriguing updates. She is here to generate amusement among Indian men as well as women and she wins it hands down. Her uniqueness is definitely stupefying.

The Baywatch lass became an object of envy for other Indian celebrities. They must be wondering about her priceless enhancements. There’s nothing wrong in appreciating fine things hence she rules the Indian sky at this moment. She had a grand welcome at the airport. The paparazzi did their best to capture the best of Pamela and they did a great job. Everybody would like to see her in a red Bikini. The big Pamela Anderson craze has just begun. I wonder what will happen if Kim Kardashian comes to India. There will be war for sure.

What Indian girls think about her? The answer may again vary. Some girls would love to admire her deepness while others will just take it as a passé. There are few things that invigorate everyman and Pamela possesses two. That’s surely a big respite from a monotonous Indian life…


  1. And if I recall well, it's Kim Kardashian who you adore, ain't it?

    Might do good if you could call her up and tell her not to visit!

  2. Nicely written man! Anyway I just wrote a piece about the whole Pamela and censorship fiasco.Do check out.

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    nice post. thanks.