Soft Jerry’s Stinking Jacket

Winter evening, haze everywhere, the maze of thoughts and Mr.Jerry staring at everything yet nothing. The fast moving cars and those beautiful girls sitting near the window seat are making Jerry crave for that winter somersault. He is walking alone in the sidewalk remembering his hay days and smiling like a madman.

He crosses the metro bridge, takes a brief look left and right and continues his stroll. The sky above him looks fine, the pedestrians and the cops create no noise around. He is walking with his own little dreams; he is pampering his heart by remembering his small little achievements. He sees the beggar with both arms intact begging, he sees some college goers with their extra large backpacks. Mr.Jerry mutely captures everything that’s going around. He inhales the noise; he makes no mistake in making his day. The silent evenings make Jerry yearn for some good music. He thinks about dead poets and writers, he keeps moving with voluptuous thoughts. Past Memories appear like a collage in his mind’s eye. He keeps shifting his thoughts. Good memories make him proud for a while and the bad ones just push him forward. He love to reminisce, he loves life at large.

The soft raindrops and it’s tapping sound makes Jerry excited, he keeps inhaling nicotine without guilt. The poison goes down unconsciously but the trance evolves tremendously. Jerry may be hallucinating, he may be a day dreamer still his gaze means a lot, his silence exude passion. Jerry love walking without feeling the urban chaos. He still love to wear his favorite jacket which may stink - nicotine. This is the story of Mr.Jerry who doesn’t exist but still his presence seems so real to me…


Image Credit:beckermanphoto


  1. Good written and well expressed imagination...

  2. I just love every word crafted by u Pallav

  3. May be Jerry exists!

  4. Very nice flow.Good article

  5. @aativas...may be :)


  6. yeah may be jerry exists may be inside many of us!! :) nice post!!