Shakespeare 2.0

The archaic melodramas, flamboyant tragedies, heart touching romance, larger than life everything. He is the world’s greatest poet, writer and a superfluous geek.

Literature is incomplete without him; he invented words at ease. It’s difficult to interpret his style but the magic created by Shakespeare still make us think a bit.

That was Shakespeare, a bald guy from Stratford-upon-Avon who wrote history with his pen, who created those never-ending waves around the humane galaxy.

The world is moving little forward. Everybody’s thoughts are given due respect now. The so-called user-based content and sharing are in vogue and nobody’s complaining. Unlike yesteryears, we have an open source called Google now. It’s our friend, philosopher and guide. We have so many things to do now. The virtual world is plainly intruding on our lives. There’s a feeling of mixed-bliss all around. The idea cloud is moving from one corner to another.

Oh! The best thing is that Shakespeare’s still alive. He is with us - tweeting from his grave. He updates lines from his books after every 10 minutes. How does he manage to do that? I am sure he is the real William who never stops. He keeps tweeting day and night, he is still crazy, and he is still fine. The real William promised us to tweet all works of The Great Shakespeare, which will take 2 long years and 13 days.

Shakespeare has many other accounts too. He is definitely rising with each passing. He is heard and shared by people like me and you. Web 2.0 is making things much easier now yet the feeling of uncertainty would be there for awhile. Let the bard from Avon rise and shine again, let him remain alive.


  1. u r unbelievable. this is the only thing I can say after reading this.