The Rise of the Imperfect…

Everyday the sun goes down without an appraisal. Every night the wolves howl without permission. The desire for perfect curves, perfect face, perfect weight, perfect height, perfect girlfriend, perfect job and a perfect life make people crazy.

The search for perfection never ends. Human beings run after these things everyday, every night. They keep chasing a never-ending mirage. They work hard to achieve something. They crave to be become perfect. There are people with perfect eyes, perfect height, perfect everything without a perfect heart. There are people who are blessed with wonderful intellect while there people with none. The idea of being perfect is nothing but a mere delusion. However the changing tides is shifting its focus on the so-called flawed existence. Being imperfect is sexy now.

The idea of beauty is no more the same. Girls with imperfect body, face or height may look much hotter than a perfect plastic lass. The idea of ugliness is gone. What’s that? Being imperfect is just very cool. You don’t have to get depressed if someone scoffs at you for your imperfect face. You don’t have to cry whole night if someone thinks you aren’t appropriate for his/her life. You don’t have to isolate yourself from the crowd if someone thinks you to be socially inept. The imperfection may become an inspiration, your imperfection may even look sexier that the other perfect people on earth.

Glorifying the imperfections inside us is the best thing to be done when the whole world looks better than us. We find ourselves nowhere, just nowhere. Everybody looks perfect except us. We keep whining about our imperfect eyes, nose, belly, height, hair etc. We crave to look good and glamorous to achieve that perfection but during this we forget to praise imperfections on others. Whoa! I am happy to be imperfect. Are you?

Image credit: celebraterecoveryblog


  1. I dont know how these things come to your mind. But these things come to your mind and it makes my night bcoz u write in the night. hahaha...

    And after your post. I feel that I am special being imperfect in many things. And Yes I am happy to be imperfect..

  2. I believe perfection is a quest and never a destination to arrive at, the objective being excellence!

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  4. i loved it, the article and my silly stupid imperfections!!

  5. loved it ...@bsolutely sh@re the s@me ide@s ...strive for perfection is @ never ending process cos we dont know wh@t perfection is ... i 'm not @ fl@wless be@uty be@uty lies in my fl@ws :)

  6. Great thoughts.. quite true too!!