Invisible Paying Guest

Big city, glamor, mini skirts, rich guy and some fun. Urban life is so very complex. There are so many hidden facets, there’s so many unheard tales. This is a story of Rhea. She was a hard working girl with very less friends. She loves music and photography. She occasionally drinks fruit beer.

Well! She is not that simple. She believes in staying together before marriage and hence decides to opt for a live-in relationship. Everything was fine in her life. She was busy molding her dreams. She was moving ahead of time. Rhea was getting everything she wanted – name, fame, love and sex. She was more than happy compared to her counterparts. She was just an invisible paying guest for her so-called PG mates.

There are many Rheas; there are so many invisible paying guests in and around a big city. Although our mindset is changing and evolving, still a bit of hypocrisy lingers on. People are yet very conservative about live-in relationships in a country like India.

People from all parts of the country come to study and work in a big city. Everybody’s busy and you aren’t an exception. Girls like Rhea love freedom but at the same time they don’t want to highlight their expressions. They just keep it subtle. They take a PG accommodation just for providing an assurance. They are the perfect urban girls who know their stuff.

Rhea is still staying in that PG. She pays five thousand every month. However, her partner is different now. She is having an affair with a journalist who keeps traveling. I like Rhea because she is smart. She knows her stuff, which is why she is shining and you are still dreaming about your prince charming on a cold November night…

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  1. A candid writeup...Keep up the good work...

  2. Thanks Blue Lotus :)

  3. there r a lot of gals like rhea ..this country gives us options but not the acceptance to avail such options ... so people like her find their own way out :)

  4. I'm all for live-in relationships, provided they unite people more than they divide!

    I read a number of cases where splitting up is the resultant of a live-in relationship and that worries me!

  5. is this a build up for a larger story?

  6. @vicious...True! They know their way but the hint of darkness never abandons them.

    @Rakesh...Some cold facts about these relationships are yet to be told and written. Grass isn't that greener inside ;)


  7. All right, Pallav! Who took this photo? Where is the photo credit, please??

  8. Google Images/

    Thanks umashankar for the gentle nudge :)